The New Penis Envy

Original article published in The Elite Daily

“Women’s liberation” is a term that implies a lot of things. We are now allowed to vote, to pursue a higher education, occupy jobs that were traditionally reserved only for men — and yes, now we are even allowed to be their bosses.

Women are now CEOs of very important companies, are bosses to men, make higher salaries than men, and sometimes even higher salaries than their husbands — so in order to break away from the “damsel in distress” stereotype, they have to begin by changing their wardrobes and even attitudes.

However, with the breakage of so many stigmas that have forever haunted women, has also followed a new approach towards clothing and the way women dress. The modern day power woman has resorted to power dressing in order to establish her power over her male counterparts and even female subordinates.

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This doesn’t mean that women have stopped dressing in a way that emphasizes those physical traits that are appealing to men, yet in order to transmit a sense of authority they have chosen a new approach to sexiness. In the past years more and more women have taken a “power dressing” approach to sexiness, trading in their body-con skirts and little black dresses for a well-tailored suit that allows them to look more professional.

This look is a more low-key approach to sexiness, since a well-tailored suit can hug a female body in all the right places, while still preserving a somewhat conservative image. It is almost as if this kind of outfit sets the tone for a type of sexiness based more on what you imagine, than about what you see. We can call this discreet style of sexiness “office appropriate.”

This approach is not one that can only be found in corporate offices, we have seen the celebration of power dressing in a wide variety of fashion houses in the past year.

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From Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket” exhibit that took place last June in New York, to YSL’s “Le Smoking Party” to the funky printed pant suits Prada included in both their spring and fall collections, it seems like designers support the idea that the modern day power woman is meant to dress like a very sexy man.

Even the typically gown-filled Hollywood red carpets have included a series of pantsuits and jumpers that are anything but your traditionally feminine eveningwear. Designers have finally understood that power women are fashion conscious too, but need clothing that will allow them to move comfortably around the office.

However the success of a tv-show like “Mad Men” — where women are portrayed as bombshell secretaries who wear pencil skirts and red lipstick to emphasize their femininity — really makes us wonder if the power woman secretly wishes to wear those seductive outfits, while maintaining her career-woman status.

Could it be that under every power woman there is just a little girl who wishes to be swept of her feet? Evidence shows that the modern power woman, instead of wanting to be saved by a man, is now saving herself.  And she is doing so by asserting herself using her clothing as a means of expression of her empowerment.

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Currently Craving, Birthday Edition

Given that my birthday is this Sunday I have compiled a list of items I would love to receive on this occasion:

I would love to receive the book: “The Impossible Collection”, which is published by Assouline and compiles the 100 most coveted artworks of the modern era.

I would also love a pair of YSL- or excuse me- Saint Laurent Paris tribute platform shoes in black.

But what would really be the ultimate birthday present would be Henrique Capriles Radonski’s victory this coming election, which coincidentally is the same day as my bday.

The list is not as long as my usual “currently craving” lists, yet it is so much more valuable.

I will be expecting gifts, calls, emails and flowers this Sunday.

Yours Truly,

Foreign Concept Girl.


September Fashion

This year’s trends were marked by both a return to minimalism and a revival of colors, patterns and print from past decades. Make-up took an “au naturale” approach and hairstyles were kept as effortless as possible with the return of loose waves and the “I’m too lazy to retouch my roots” Ombre (half dark half light) hair trend.

The first half of the year was all about functionality when it came to fashion. However, fall -the season of change- is more focused on dramatic dark colors than functional cut and fit. As the haute couture runways of the summer showed us, this new season is full of structured tailoring and darker color palettes, mixed with at gothic-chic flare. Even the more romantic designers, like Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, included a more androgynous and grunge look to their collections. So how does this translate to your day to day beauty routine? For one thing, you can kiss your tweezers goodbye since fall is all about thick and straight eyebrows. Bed hair will no longer be acceptable. This season, hairstyles took a turn from careless to very clean and structured up-dos. So it seems you will have to blow the dust out of your straightener and buy a can of hairspray, since flyaway hairs are an absolute no this fall. The summer sun tends to damage your hair, so in order to revitalize your locks use deep conditioning products such as Morrocan oil or Frederic Fekkai’s after sun daily mask in order to rid your hair of its summer damages. This will allow you to achieve your elegant up-do without having to worry about split ends. Wearing your hair up doesn’t leave much room to hide frizz, so hair products such as John Frieda frizz ease serum or Bumble and Bumble defrizz are enormously helpful in your daily battle against rebellious hairs.

As your summer tan fades away and fall marks the return to a more gothic style, in order to add color to your face this season’s makeup trends consist of a hybrid between 1950’s pin up girl and punk-rock chic. This means dramatic Cleoptara-like eyeliner, smoky eyes with a hint of bronze and burgundy or dark red lips. In order to complete a more striking Goth look, blush must be kept to a minimum which will create a contrast with your smokey eyes and dark lips. Although it’s good for your spirits, the sun is never as nice to your skin. To avoid damaged summer skin and prepare yourself for the dryness that cooler climates bring along with them, incorporating products like Benefit the POREfessional  to your daily skin care routine will both moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of large pores.

With the beginning of what most fashion houses consider the season of renewal, both your wardrobe and your nail polish collection should shift from neon’s, brights and prints to black, maroon and electric blue. Instead of using pastels and neon’s on your nails you should approach darker and richer tones such as grey, maroon and black. Shades such as Essie nail polish in Power Clutch or Luxedo and Opi in Manicurist of Seville are perfect examples of what your nails should look like this fall. When choosing lip colors for this autumn keep in mind the following fruit: Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry and Plum. As the weather gets colder and the summer comes to an end, do not fall into a back to school gloomy mood but embrace the beginning of this new school year in style with the variety of tips included in this article.

Saint Laurent sans Yves

It’s understandable for a new creative director to want to make a few changes at his new label–wouldn’t that kinda be why he was hired in the first place? But we just heard a rumor about a major change new YSL creative director Hedi Slimane is considering–and it’s pretty drastic.

A reliable source tells us there may be talks within the company of having the “Yves” taken out of Yves Saint Laurent. We hear the issue was brought up by Slimane in the interest of giving the brand more of a fresh, modern feel as he begins his tenure there. Thus, our source said, the iconic YSL logo shall be no more. (Though we suspect, if this really ends up happening, YSL SL will come up with something better than the above.)

Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor, but could you imagine? Calling the brand Saint Laurent won’t be too much of a stretch, as people already call it that, but will we really call it SL (for SLimane?) for short? What about all the stores and beauty products and that iconic logo? Won’t changing everything be incredibly expensive and confusing? Would the value of vintage or pre-Slimane YSL then go up?

We also wonder if YSL co-founder Pierre Bergé, who has worked tirelessly to keep Yves Saint Laurent’s memory alive with expansive archives and a foundation, would approve of such a huge change.

If true, this is a surprising statement for Slimane to make, given his past at YSL (he designed menswear from 1998-2000) and the fact that Bergé, who has been quite critical of previous creative directors, seemed pleased to have him on board and called him “a member of the YSL family.”

Then again, perhaps the company had already been considering it. It’s not at all uncommon for storied fashion houses to go by their founding designer’s last name: Chanel, Versace, and Armani are just a few examples. We can also understand Slimane wanting to distance himself from the label’s inimitable founder, whose legacy, as some of Slimane’s predecessors have expressed, can be difficult to live up to.

We’ve reached out to YSL (if that’s what it’s even called) for comment and will report back when we hear more.

What do you think? Could Yves Saint Laurent just be Saint Laurent?

Update: This is really happening!! An Yves Saint Laurent spokesperson has confirmed to WWDthat Slimane plans to change the name of the house to Saint Laurent Paris. And that’s not all.

Slimane’s inspiration for the house’s branding makeover reportedly comes from 1966, when the company first introduced its ready-to-wear line under the name Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. He plans to use similar fonts and wording from that time. However, the Yves, along with the iconic YSL logo, won’t disappear entirely. The full Yves Saint Laurent name will continue to be used for “institutional purposes” and the logo will remain the same. So, basically the only change will be to the read-to-wear line, which will now be called Saint Laurent Paris. Phew!

The changes are being positioned by YSL as “restoring the house to its truth, purity and essence – and taking it into a new era” while “respecting the original principles and ideals,” according to the trade. The new branding is expected to be introduced by the time Slimane’s spring 2013 collections hit stores

Apparently you CAN judge a woman by her shoes

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, so I tend to rely on judging based on watches and drink orders. But now studies show that you CAN actually judge a girl by what she’s wearing on her feet.

Article retrieved from The Huffington Post.

The old adage goes: “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” But, according to researchers, you may not have to walk at all to judge a person by his or her shoes.

In a study conducted at the University of Kansas, people were able to accurately judge demographic and personality traits of complete strangers simply by looking at their most frequently worn shoes. It turns out 90 percent of a person’s characteristics can be determined just by examining the style, cost, color and condition of their footwear.

As expected, extroverts wore flashy shoes (Ashanti’s sex shoes come to mind…), wealthy people wore more expensive shoes and conscientious people kept their footgear cleaner. And if you’ve ever thought a girl in ankle boots was aggressive, you’d probably be right.

We were surprised to see that those who wore uncomfortable looking shoes tended to be calm people. The last time we wore 6-inch heels, we weren’t in the most serene mood (but perhaps that’s why they wouldn’t be our most frequently worn pair). Mad respect goes to Jessica Simpson who teetered in stilettos during her third trimester of pregnancy.

The one demographic that participants in the study had a hard time judging? Those with boring shoes. Apparently, those shoe owners described themselves as “aloof and repressive,” had a hard time forming relationships and weren’t able to communicate many of their traits in real-life. (We wonder what this says about Kate Middleton’s nude pumps.)

Whether or not it’s our intention, our shoes are doing much of the talking for us. So if you want to appear more attractive, maybe it’s time you invest in a pair of Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers. Or you can just keep the shoes you already have clean

Wearing nice clothes makes you feel better about yourself

Proof Positive: What You Wear DOES Affect How You Think


As people who wear many hats (literally), we know that we feel differently when we’re wearing a beautiful outfit, and when we just climb into what’s the most comfortable…and now, we have proof. Scientists part ofThe Journal of Experimental Cognition have been researching the effect that clothing has on the way we think and act, a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition”…and here’s the magical part: You have to be wearingthe clothes for it to take effect. According to the New York Times, if you wear someone else’s white coat and believe it came from a doctor, your ability to pay attention dramatically increases, but nothing happens if you think it came from a painter. “You have to wear the coat, see it on your body and feel it on your skin for it to influence your psychological processes,” Dr. Galinsky said, before he went on to explain how dressing like a pimp on Halloween made him feel more self-assured. We’ll pass on the feather boa and walking stick, thanks — but we’ll go ahead and get those Carven heels now, thank you very much! (NYT)