Where The Wild Souls Are.


We all have a little bit of a wild within our souls. We like to tend to that wild side every so often with a little bit of risky behavior, a crazy night out, a funky addition to our wardrobe, etc.  Sometimes, however, we forget to feed the most important part: our souls.

Wild Soul sunglasses are helping Generation-Y cater to both our wild sides and our souls. How? This eyewear company sells stylish sunglasses and donates a percentage of the proceeds to charitable causes. Now you may think, “I’ve already seen a million fashion companies that give back to the community.” However, Wild Soul is unlike any other. This company goes the extra mile by letting their shoppers choose which cause they wish to support (health, society, environment) and which specific foundation they wish to donate to.

The Wild Soul brand is the brainchild of college friends Marc Battipaglia and Andres Beker. After graduating from Emory, the two friends knew they wanted to start a sunglass company, but felt their fashion dreams could not be completely fulfilled without giving back.


“Our aim is to change the way people approach shopping for material products,” says Beker, “I think it’s very important to include the social aspect into a brand.” This is how they came up with the brand’s slogan: “Choose your sunglasses, choose your cause.”

Beker says they chose to design eyewear because, as a charitable company, putting something on your face goes that extra step to make a statement. So what better way to show that you’re helping out your community, than by advertising it on your face?

In case you’re wondering where the “wild” aspect comes in, each model of eyewear is named after a different animal, and the designers aimed to create a resemblance between the sunglasses and their namesake. There are currently four different styles, and each come in three different colors. Wild Soul sunglasses can be found on their website www.wildsoul.org or at selected Cohen’s Optical store locations.