Find What You Love And Let It Kill You

Given that valentine’s day is just around the corner I have decided to compile a series of non-conventional love-inspired pictures. Consider this a carefully curated gallery of love quotes, images and sentiments.

favorite what ifBecause a missed opportunity is a chapter in your life you will never get to read. This year aim todo everything your heart desires, because there is nothing worse than wondering: What if?


A quote from one of my all time favourite books (and is now a movie): The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. You deserve better, never settle.

yogaMotivation to start doing more yoga!

andy wiseAndy Warhol

woodyFor those who didn’t know, Tom Hanks was the voice behind our favourite cowboy Woody.



so perfect

bob marley

Source: via Adriana on Pinterest

Oh come on, I had to post at least one mushy picture.

Non-conventional love is the most passionate of them all.

Non-conventional love is the most passionate of them all.

I hope my post gave you a new perspective about Valentine’s Day.

For The Love of Prada

What to get for the girl who has everything?

All of us know someone like her, that girl who has everything. And when it comes to giving her a present our palms start to sweat because we know this task is as difficult as an algebra equation for an Emerson student. Yet, thanks to Prada, this Valentine’s Day it won’t be so hard to get her a gift she will love and- gasp- she won’t already have. This year Prada decided to launch their own line of Valentine’s Day accessories. The collection consists of iPad and iPhone cases, key chains and wallets with hearts all over them. You know nothing says love to a girl like a new addition to her accessory collection… or Prada.