New Year’s Resolutions To Keep In Mind

Although this is a commencement speech, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that tomorrow is New Year’s eve and put this speech on my blog. This year, instead of making empty resolutions such as going more to the gym and losing those 10 extra pounds I decided to make more substantial resolutions, such as the ones in this video. I hope you take something away from this speech, I know its been five years since the first time I heard it yet it still teaches me something new every time.

But trust me on the sunscreen.

Happy New Year.

Foreign Concept Girl.

Future of the Turkey-Syria conflict

Boston, MA- After nearly a month of cross border conflicts between Turkey and Syria, the world is wondering whether this conflict will resolve itself soon or if it will escalate into a full-fledged war. After interviewing three experts on the matter here’s what they had to say:

Middle East Correspondent Douglass Struck feels very optimistic about the situation between the neighboring countries and does not believe this conflict will go any further:


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Ala Onur, from Istanbul does not think the conflict will even reach her city:

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Political Communications student Anita Salakis, who is very familiar with the situation of this region hopes Turkey will abstain from entering Syria’s conflict:

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Possible war between Turkey and Syria expected, after multiple border attacks.

Boston, MA- 11 days after the first attack produced on the Syrian-Turkish border international organizations are estimating a war will explode between the neighboring countries. The attack was produced on October 3rd, in the border town of Akçakale killing five civilians and injuring at least eight others.Syrian rebels have been occupying border towns throughout the entire revolution which is why the Syrian army has targeted the Turkish border. Throughout the entire year Turkey has called President Bashar Al-Assad, once a very strong ally to this country, to resign in order to avoid further bloodshed and destruction to the country. After the first attack multiple mortar bomb attacks have been produced in this border.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called an Emergency meeting of the NATO council, to seek permission to take military actions against Syria. He says his response to Syria will be both military and diplomatic. Syria responded by saying that this regime produced attack was mean for the Syrian town Tal al-Abyad, however it fell on the wrong side of the border. Although Turkey has no interest in going to war with Syria, they will not take this border attack lightly and will go to any extent to protect their citizens. Erdogan warned Syria that Turkey will not shy away from war if provoked.

NATO responded to Turkey’s complaints by accusing Syria of Flagrant violations of international law. This attack was not an isolated event since it was followed by multiple cross border attacks from Syria to Turkey, to which the Turkish military responded by trading artillery fire. Tensions between the two countries have escalated dramatically in the past 10 days. After moths of hosting Syrian refugees in their country and bearing witness to the atrocities being committed in their neighboring country, Turkish leaders believe that a war between the countries may not be very far away.

Dreaming in Ottoman

It is almost October and I am still reminiscing about my glorious summer. I forbid myself to look at the pictures until at least a month had passed since I didn’t want to develop an obsession with what were probably the happiest days I’ve had in a really long time. During the summer I visited several parts of Turkey, including what would become my favourite city in the world so far: Istanbul.


Poised between Europe and Asia, the modern and the ancient, secular elitism and Islam. Istanbul is not only filled with history and cultural places to see but its young population make it a very appealing destination for those like me, who are interested in fashion, nightlife and good food. Here are some snapshots of my visit along with some other pictures of Turkey.

Galata tower

Galata Tower as seen from the Egyptian Spice Market.

Spice market

Egyptian Spice Market.


Blue Mosque.


One of the multiple cool shops around the Galata area.

Blue mosque

Blue Mosque.








Hot air balloon trip over Capadocia.

Contrast between old and new, at the Bosphorus.


Hagia Sofia.

Hagia sophia

Two religions, One temple. Hagia Sofia.

2 religions, one temple

Hagia Sofia.

Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view of the Blue Mosque.


Hagia Sofia.


Boat ride around the Bosphorus.

Hagia sofia

External view of Hagia Sofia.

Europe as seen from Asia.

Yours Truly outside of Topkapi Palace.

Fuck Disney World, This really is the most magical place on earth.