All I want for Christmas…

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Admit it, the only reason why you shopped on Black Friday is because you had been lusting on a pair of too-expensive black pumps and hoped to find them at a discount price. But with December right around the corner, you may be asking yourself the age-old question: what do I get my friends and family for Christmas? No need to stress! Here at Dirty Water News we have compiled a Christmas-Gift shopping list for every member of your crew.

-For your little sister: since she admires you so much and wants to be just like you, go ahead and get her a nice jewelry box so you won’t have trouble finding all the earrings and necklaces she “borrows” from you. Now if you really want to splurge on your sis’s gift you can make her dream come true by buying her a bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company ($155 at

-For your BFF: since you guys already share all your clothes there is no use in getting her a sweater or a new dress (unless it’s one you want to wear too). Surprise her with a creative gift like a Picnic Plus Brava Wine & Cheese Backpack (available at set so she can carry her booze around with style. Not a heavy drinker? No problem! You can surprise her with an awesome pair of sunglasses from see eyewear (125 Newbury St.) or with anything and everything that can be bought at The Fashion Truck Boston, which is parked every Sunday at SOWA open market or at The Holiday Market at City Hall Plaza.

For your loving mother: while most magazines and holiday shopping lists will tell you to get her some sort of cooking appliance, we feel it’s rude to send your mother to the kitchen! Show her some love by getting her some scented candles from Diptyque (available at Barney’s) or some nice picture frames-with picture of you in them of course! If you don’t feel like getting her anything for the home, you can give her a Luxe Beauty Gift such as the Clarisonic Mia brush so she can have a glowing complexion in time for new year’s.

For the men in your life: we all suffer when attempting to buy gifts for men, so in an attempt to over simplify this experience, we at Dirty Water News have decided that nothing puts your men in the holiday spirit like fine bottle of Whiskey. If your dad is not a heavy drinker, any gadget from The Sharper Image will most definitely put a smile on his face. And for the men in your life who aren’t old enough to drink? A pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will surely impress, however in case you don’t feel like splurging that amount of cash on you little brother a video game like Fifa 13 is surely a kick ass gift.

Now you will surely be exhausted after all that holiday shopping, so why not treat yourself to a pre-Christmas massage at Bliss Spa Boston (located at the W hotel) you can follow up that relaxation session on your couch with all your thankful loved ones for a Mad Men Marathon.

Party like Boston’s International Elite.

ANYONE WHO GOES to school in Boston has seen them, the fabulously dressed group of students, who speak really broken English and walk around in packs on Newbury Street. And as you see them in their designer outfits, you may wonder, where are they going?

Well it’s no secret that when the wealthy class of internationals arrive in Boston the first thing they do is take out daddy’s credit card out for a spin on a Friday at Venu Boston (100 Warrenton street) to dance the night away to a mix of House music as well as the adjacent Latin room, which plays Spanish songs for the students from the south of the border.
On Saturdays you can find this same crew at the infamous recess Saturday party at Splash Ultra Lounge (150 Kneeland Street) where Miami style pool parties meet the Boston chill in a party that goes on from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. During the summer they even open up their rooftop pool for those brave enough to ruin their outfit by jumping in. One may think that after all these hours of day drinking these students would be exhausted and go to bed early, but make no mistake, these hardcore party animals continue the party at Bijou Nightclub (51 Stuart street) where the expensive cover charges don’t prevent the Euros from partying it up as if they were on the other side of the pond. Complete with a huge line of V.I.P. tables, this relatively new club is an international student favorite because of its similarities to the clubs they frequent in their home countries.

Now Boston’s international elite students aren’t exclusively about partying and clubs, they eat too! You may find these Chanel clad kids curing their hangover at Paramount Beacon Hill (44 Charles street) every Sunday or during the week enjoying sangrias and outdoor patio dining (given that the weather allows it) at Scoozi Newbury (237 Newbury Street) or Cafeteria Boston (279 Newbury street) where on any random Friday afternoon the last language you are likely to hear is English.
Given their profound love for sangria you may also find them on a Thursday evening at BarLola Tapas Lounge (160 Commonwealth av.) where they wine and dine while listening to live music by Los Rumberos. As snobby as their lifestyle sounds, alcohol seems to be the great equalizer since the foreign kid’s drunk food of choice are oversized $3 pizzas from New York Pizza (224 Tremont street) which is conveniently located right by Bijou, Splash and Venu!

Advanced Style

Young and beautiful? Too easy. 91-year -old fashion icon Iris Apfel

Young and Beautiful? Too easy!! 91-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel graces the cover of British magazine Dazed and Confused to motivate us to not get old, just get better.

I dedicate this to my fabulous grandmother who, like a bottle of fine wine just keeps getting better and better with age.

Currently Craving, Birthday Edition

Given that my birthday is this Sunday I have compiled a list of items I would love to receive on this occasion:

I would love to receive the book: “The Impossible Collection”, which is published by Assouline and compiles the 100 most coveted artworks of the modern era.

I would also love a pair of YSL- or excuse me- Saint Laurent Paris tribute platform shoes in black.

But what would really be the ultimate birthday present would be Henrique Capriles Radonski’s victory this coming election, which coincidentally is the same day as my bday.

The list is not as long as my usual “currently craving” lists, yet it is so much more valuable.

I will be expecting gifts, calls, emails and flowers this Sunday.

Yours Truly,

Foreign Concept Girl.


To Tattoo, or Too Taboo?

Accessories are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe because they complete your look. One could use the well known cliché, and say: they are the “cherry on top” of your outfit. But what happens when your accessories are no longer something you put on and remove, but are a permanent part of your body? No, I’m not talking about braces. I’m talking about the new fad of making tattoos your accessories. What was once considered a symbol of rebellion or a stamp utilized to indicate membership of a group, band, or Harley Davidson motorcycle gang has now become the exact opposite. Tattoos have now become either a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world, or simply an accessory you choose to wear as you would wear a handbag.

In America about 35% of adults have some sort of ink on their bodies. Some are quotes that inspire them, or symbols that point out their individuality or remind them of obstacles they have overcome: “Memories are always distorted in your head” says Emerson College Senior Julia Libani, who currently has 12 tattoos. “But if you get a tattoo you will always remember exactly what happened and why that event was so significant in your life.” She says she sees her tattoos as scars; just like you fall down and get a permanent scratch on your body, a tattoo is a scar you choose.

However there’s a new phenomenon occurring among celebrities and common citizens as well: getting tattoos that hold no meaning to them and serve strictly as a decorative element on their bodies. A good example of this would be Rihanna, who says she got the famous star tattoo in her neck bone and upper back to take advantage or her backside, attracting more attention to it by decorating it. Like her, there are tons of people who get little details to emphasize the parts of their bodies they love. Others just get symbols they feel would “look cool” on their bodies.

But how much is too much? When one sees celebrities like David Beckham or Meghan Fox with so many tattoos, one may think they see their bodies as little coloring books in which they draw tattoos according to their moods. However, most people who have a significant amount of tattoos claim that they see their bodies as timelines to draw their autobiography on. A detail that people tend to overlook is that once you start drawing things on your body, you may start coming across more and more things you would like to put on, that hold significant meaning for you or that would simply be a nice conversation piece.

It would be an over generalization to say that people no longer get tattoos that have meaning to them. The fact is that because tattoos have become more socially acceptable, they have also become more mainstream. The best example of this, is that fashion magazines no longer feel the need to airbrush models who don’t have ink-free skin. Also, people are not as quick to judge a person because of the fact that they have tattoos anymore. It used to be that you wouldn’t even bother to get to know a person with a tattoo because you would immediately catalogue him or her as bad news, whereas now most people just perceive tattoos as a form of expression.

But as all trends come and go, I can’t help but wonder what will happen when tattoos aren’t “stylish” anymore? Or when their owners decide that they don’t hold the same ideals they did when they decided to get them? This happened to another Emerson Student who wishes to remain anonymous. She got a tattoo when she was 14-years-old and grew bored of it, so in order to get rid of it she got another- even bigger- one on top of it to cover it. She says she didn’t even know what she was going to get and asked her tattoo artist to just give her whatever his favorite thing to draw was. This made her tattoo go from something meaningful to a simple drawing in her body she got just to go with the flow. Yes, there are ways to correct tattoos that are not wanted anymore and now there are even several different removal methods. However, this defeats the purpose of getting a “permanent” symbol on your body to express your individualism, doesn’t it?

What I’ve Been Doing While You Were Sleeping

My followers keep asking me why my blogging has been so sporadic for the past 3 months or so. The reason behind my inconsistency is because I was traveling for the most part of the summer. Those of you who keep a close eye on my blog saw my “snapshots of London” post, which is one of the many cities I visited throughout the summer. I also visited Paris, where I stayed for a good amount of time since I was doing a Fashion Image Consulting course. I roamed around Istanbul, the south-east of Turkey, Istanbul again, Cannes, Nice, Juan Les Pins and finished off once again in Paris.

However that wasn’t quite the end of it. My summer concluded with me landing a job in New York Fashion Week, working for The Daily Front Row which is Fashion Week’s official publication.

During my job there I got the opportunity to attend Fashion Shows, work for their social media outlets and attend their booth at Fashion’s Night Out. However the coolest part of my job is that I got to HOST the Daily Style Sessions at the Empire Hotel’s rooftop bar. Here are a few snapshots of my glory days this past NYFW.


Empire Hotel Rooftop View

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Visits The Daily

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Visits The Daily

Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma walking right past me outside of the Jason Wu show


Uber Stylish man reading The Daily

Flower children

And yours truly messing around with some of the free gifts they offered at the Style Sessions