Shazam For Fashion! Who’s Excited?

original article published on The Huffington Post.

Shazam, the app that identifies a song by listening to it, has become an essential app in our arsenal — not only for the knowledge it offers, but for the song sales it encourages. More often than not, we look after a song credit because we intend to track it down for purchase. Can you imagine the kind of revenue Shazam would spark if we had this for fashion items?

The company is working hard to up engagement with users, including this awesome feature: Shazam can now help you ID the clothing seen on television, The Guardian reports. Here’s how it’d work: Your smartphone would capture an outfit on your screen and direct you to a site to purchase it.

The merchandising feature is part of the current “television tag,” which gives viewers information about a show’s cast, music and more. Shazam is working to innovate around the feature so that viewers can get more fashion information than ever.

“We have the ability to identify the product in a TV show so that when somebody Shazams it, they could find out where a presenter’s dress is from in one click,” explained CEO Andrew Fisher. In an era where celebrity style has become more andmore accessible (read: affordable), we’d certainly be interested in making it our own.

Can you imagine what would happen if Shazam figures out a way to go beyond television and we could find out what people on the street are wearing? That would save us the trouble of awkwardly approaching strangers in cute clothes. Surely retailers will jump at the chance to plug their content across yet another screen.

Would you use Shazam for fashion?

Street Style: Authentic or Fraud?

A deep analysis of the “Street-Style Star” where multiple journalists and bloggers question it’s authenticity and impact street-style photography and blogs have had in the fashion industry.

Via Garage Magazine


Best and worst dressed cities.

I tend to publish only content created by me, yet I decided this article which I borrowed from would be a very interesting addition to my blog.

Here it goes:

Travel + Leisure has released their annual America’s Favorite Cities list, which asked readers to rate cities in a variety of different categories from driving ability to friendliness and yes, stylishness. So, which cities came out on top? And which ones didn’t fare so well?

According to the survey, New York was the number one best dressed city in America (obviously), but the full best dressed list does offer up some surprises (Charleston? San Juan?). Read on to see both the best and worst dressed lists.

Best Dressed:
1. New York City
2. Charleston
3. Los Angeles
4. San Juan, P.R.
5. Miami
6. San Francisco
7. Savannah
8. Austin
9. Dallas/Fort Worth
10. San Diego

Worst Dressed:

10. Kansas City, Missouri

9. Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

8. Portland, Maine

7. Atlanta, Georgia

6. Dallas, Texas

5. San Antonio, Texas

4. Orlando, Florida

3. Baltimore, Maryland.

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

1. Anchorage, Alaska


Can’t sleep thoughts

Most famous writers and artists in general came up with their most brilliant works while battling severe episodes of depression. I am fortunate enough not to suffer any type of depression, yet my personal demon comes from another nature: Insomnia. No matter how far I look back my inability to sleep has always been there. Yet as the creative person that I am, my best ideas occur to me during those moments when I am struggling to sleep. However before I started writing I would utilize my late night “awakeness” to read random things and more recently, to watch random documentaries, which contributed to my well-roundness.

If you ever find yourself struggling to fall asleep, here are two documentaries I highly recommend as an alternative to stalking your friends on Facebook.

Bill Cuningham New York, follows the life of the man who created the concept of street style photography. Years before anyone blogged about what people were wearing to go to certain events, Bill Cunningham was already riding his bike around Manhattan shooting still-life photographs of what people would wear in their daily life. His pictures are still published-and considered a vital part of the New York Time’s style section. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who loves fashion or New York.

I do understand that not everyone breathes and dreams fashion and hardly anyone is as passionate about New York as I am. However I feel that everyone has a secret love for mafia type movies, and the documentary The Two Escobars tells a mafia story that is anything but fiction. It is based on the lives of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most powerful drug kingpin and Colombian soccer player Andres Escobar. Although they had the same last name they didn’t have any type of blood relations. Yet they shared the same tragic fate of being murdered by drug thugs. Might want to watch this documentary in order to understand the repercussions of your late night lines in your local club.

Ok maybe that was drastic but both documentaries are really worth watching, and definitely more productive than online shopping, which is what I intend to do right after I finish this post.

Good night people,

Foreign Concept Girl.