Currently Craving: Graduation Present Edition.

Ladies and Gentlement, Boys and Girls I did it. I am officially done with my undergrad.

As of Sunday May 12th I will be an Emerson Alumni. I have to say I have never had so many feelings happening at once, so in order to distract myself from them I have compiled a little list of gifts I would love to receive.

For my coffee table:

bookTaschen’s book Trespass. A history of uncommissioned urban art. Because my love of street art just continues.

beatsA pair of white beats with white details.

chanel legoA lego-inspired Chanel night purse.

louboutinAnd of course a pair of clear Louboutin’s to go with that fabulous purse.

Never stop wishing!

The Foreign Girl.

New Published Article

Original article published in The Elite Daily

Gucci Horsebit Loafer Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary


It’s hard to believe that our classic moccasins of choice are turning 60 this year. Yep you heard right, Gucci’s iconic Horsebit loafers with the beautiful double ring and bar motif have been around since the time our grandmothers were our age.

Not only that, but they have remained cool for that long and are still part of every fashionista’s shoe-of-desire list due to its high quality craftsmanship and design. This shoe also marks the anniversary of Gucci incorporating shoes into their brand. Yes, there once was a time where Gucci did not make this accessory.

Now an occasion like this cannot go unnoticed which is why Gucci has launched a global campaign in order to celebrate the shoe’s birthday. The campaign will consist of a full makeover of the brand’s stores and Facebook page.

The stores will now be decorated in all pink and display retro videos of the evolution of the shoe, with the same pink backdrop as the store.This video of the different models that have emerged throughout the shoe’s history, will also be present in all of Gucci’s social media outlets.


There will also be a few limited-edition anniversary models of the shoe which will come in different colors and materials ranging from crocodile to patent leather to suede. This collection will be available both online and in the store.

But that’s not all, the same day of the brand’s global transformation and the launch date of the video, the brand also opened an exhibit in Florence’s Gucci Museo where they retell the story of the shoe and the impact it had on Gucci’s image and success.

It’s a good place to go and see pictures of celebrities like Madonna, Brad Pitt and Jodie Foster wearing this gem. The pictures were retrieved from the Metropolitan Museum’s costume institute archives and in these images one can see that design-wise the shoe has not changed at all, yet has remained stylish throughout its existence.

With such a big celebration of such a beautiful utilitarian shoe, I wouldn’t blame you if you felt tempted to buy a pair (or five) for yourself.

Advanced Style

Young and beautiful? Too easy. 91-year -old fashion icon Iris Apfel

Young and Beautiful? Too easy!! 91-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel graces the cover of British magazine Dazed and Confused to motivate us to not get old, just get better.

I dedicate this to my fabulous grandmother who, like a bottle of fine wine just keeps getting better and better with age.

Currently Craving, Birthday Edition

Given that my birthday is this Sunday I have compiled a list of items I would love to receive on this occasion:

I would love to receive the book: “The Impossible Collection”, which is published by Assouline and compiles the 100 most coveted artworks of the modern era.

I would also love a pair of YSL- or excuse me- Saint Laurent Paris tribute platform shoes in black.

But what would really be the ultimate birthday present would be Henrique Capriles Radonski’s victory this coming election, which coincidentally is the same day as my bday.

The list is not as long as my usual “currently craving” lists, yet it is so much more valuable.

I will be expecting gifts, calls, emails and flowers this Sunday.

Yours Truly,

Foreign Concept Girl.


Apparently you CAN judge a woman by her shoes

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, so I tend to rely on judging based on watches and drink orders. But now studies show that you CAN actually judge a girl by what she’s wearing on her feet.

Article retrieved from The Huffington Post.

The old adage goes: “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” But, according to researchers, you may not have to walk at all to judge a person by his or her shoes.

In a study conducted at the University of Kansas, people were able to accurately judge demographic and personality traits of complete strangers simply by looking at their most frequently worn shoes. It turns out 90 percent of a person’s characteristics can be determined just by examining the style, cost, color and condition of their footwear.

As expected, extroverts wore flashy shoes (Ashanti’s sex shoes come to mind…), wealthy people wore more expensive shoes and conscientious people kept their footgear cleaner. And if you’ve ever thought a girl in ankle boots was aggressive, you’d probably be right.

We were surprised to see that those who wore uncomfortable looking shoes tended to be calm people. The last time we wore 6-inch heels, we weren’t in the most serene mood (but perhaps that’s why they wouldn’t be our most frequently worn pair). Mad respect goes to Jessica Simpson who teetered in stilettos during her third trimester of pregnancy.

The one demographic that participants in the study had a hard time judging? Those with boring shoes. Apparently, those shoe owners described themselves as “aloof and repressive,” had a hard time forming relationships and weren’t able to communicate many of their traits in real-life. (We wonder what this says about Kate Middleton’s nude pumps.)

Whether or not it’s our intention, our shoes are doing much of the talking for us. So if you want to appear more attractive, maybe it’s time you invest in a pair of Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers. Or you can just keep the shoes you already have clean

Disney movies that stuck with us part II

A pair of Louboutins are certainly the stuff that dreams are made of in Florida, so its no surprise that the hallowed house has announced its intention to take on the most sought-after and sigh-inducing shoes of all time. Can you guess which fairytale foot the brand is taking inspiration from? We’ll give you some hints: Due to the material, this heel wouldn’t be optimal for walking days or our yearly trip to the Magic Kingdom, they may be great to wear out (but not past midnight) and before Louboutin made the shoe, it only came from Fairy Godmothers (or, um, Marc Jacobs). Yep, in honor of Cinderella‘s appearance on BluRay and DVD this fall, Christian Louboutin is making the iconic glass slipper.

Of course, Christian’s Cinderelly’s slipper is supposed to have a “magic touch” on the shoes, and we wouldn’t need any magic to guess that his special addition might appear as a bright and bold sole. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. (WWD)


Sole Mate


Designers seriously outdid themselves this season with the shoes they designed for their upcoming collections.

Here’s my top 3…

Just had a shoegasm



Yves Saint Laurent

shoes! OMG shoes!


And a runner up:


Although this pair didn’t make it to my top 3 shoes of fashion month, any fashionista knows that whatever Phoebe Philo says, is the law.