Adri’s Required Reading List.

The one think no one can take away from you, is your knowledge. I am a very curious person which ultimately has led me to read all sorts of books and visit all sorts of news websites in order to feed my curiosity. However there are a few web pages that I visit religiously, which are: – For Fashion news, previews of the new collections with detailed analysis and cultural news. Yes believe it or not Vogue gives great importance to current events of the world that are not necessarily related to the fashion world. – as a fashion obsessed girl it is very important for me to be up to date with everything and anything that’s going on in the fashion world. I believe this website to be the most accurate fashion news network which is the reason I visit it on a daily basis. – This is a more mainstream fashion news website, it focuses less on Haute Couture and Designers and more on what celebrities are wearing, which ultimately is easier to read than a website like – The Daily Beast cheat sheets sums up the most important news stories of the day. It is carefully curated to have a mix of national and international news as well as stories from all the topic ranges.The cheat sheet is a really good idea for those who feel overwhelmed when trying to select a story to read in a big newspaper. They select whats really important.– The Man Repeller is the only personal style blog I consider is worth following. Most personal style blogs are just really self-absorbed people taking pictures of themselves and fishing for compliments. But Leandra Medine does a really good job of combining fashion news, regular news and her personal style in this witty blog.

The Man Repeller– some people say its the bible, others the constitution, but in my opinion The New York times is “THE” primary source. Yes reading and talking about fashion is fun, but if you make it the center of you life you will ultimately become a person who lacks serious substance. Fill your brain with knowledge, acquire some social conscience and don’t limit your world to what is directly in front of your nose. The New York Times is one of the world’s most important newspapers and it covers news from everywhere around the world. Out of all this list, this is my priority reading and it should be yours too. Fashion and entertainment blogs are fun, but ultimately there is more to life than that.

The New York Times