Songs That Make You Travel (Yes Again)

I always write about songs that make you travel, but I think in the past I haven’t elaborated on this concept enough for my reader’s understanding. You see I always say that the best songs are the ones that take you back to the time when you first heard them, but this is a flawed theory. It has nothing to do with the lyrics or the artist singing the song. In fact even the beats are irrelevant. It’s about how your brain associates a certain song to a moment you want to hold on to forever in your memories, and listening to it brings you back to it. It blurs the lines between present and past and gives you a little feeling in your stomach as if you were living the moment for a second or third time. It brings you back to the co-pilot seat of an Audi Q5, next to the most life changing person you have met in years.

Video Of The Year.

I’ve been really obsessed with this video for over a month now. I trip out and watch it over and over again to try and understand what the plot of the story is. It also helps that the tune is so catchy and of course, that Justin is SO irresistible.

With those thoughts I present to you the VMA winner for video of the year: Mirrors.