Link Love II.

I might make this a weekly thing.


Doutzen feels really bad about looking this good.

OH SHIT, a global wine shortage may soon be upon us- via The Huffington Post.

You better watch your mouth Kaiser! Karl Lagerfeld’s rude remarks come back and bite him in the derriere- via Huff Post Style.

The Cheerleader Effect explained- via The Cut.

Why husband shopping is so 2012- via Elite Daily.

Reasons to love Ataturk, and to feed my obsession with Turks – via Time.

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes apologizes for being so perfect- via PopSugar.

10 things every girl  woman should know by 25- via Cosmopolitan.

Link Love.

Closing up the week with some good news.

Meet Banksy

Banksy: A wold-famous multi-millionaire making rebellious street art. Sense some irony here?

Via The Daily Beast.

Taylor Thomasi Hill leaves Moda Operandi, but why? Via Fashionista

Some lucky bitches in Paris will get to be fashion pope’s Karl Lagerfeld’s student for a day. Where can I sign up? Via Guest of a Guest.

Coach has finally decided to launch it’s clothing line! Via SheFinds

Glad to know I’m not the only one! 9 celebs who prefer younger men. Because age is just a number… and jail is just a place. Via SheFinds.

It seems like Michelle Tanner’s wardrobe was a lot less Gymboree and more like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Via Stylecaster.

Duck face exhibit: Museum in London creates a whole exhibit dedicated to “The Selfie” Via The Cut.

The Inevitable Book Of Karl Lagerfeld Quotes.

Original article published on Fashionista.


Whether or not you agree with the things he says, you can’t deny that just about everything that comes out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth is a little bit amazing.

A round up of his best quotes (not all of them–just the best ones) from a single yeartook up 10 pages of this website, so imagine how many there would be if you went back through his entire career. You could practically fill a book. Oh wait–someone did.

It’s called, of course, The World According to Karl; it comes out in September in English and French through French publisher Flammarion; and we’re already imagining how perfect it’s going to look on our coffee table.

The book’s 160 pages include illustrations by Charles Ameline. While Lagerfeld himself did not participate in the creation of the book (aside from incidentally providing its material), WWD reports that he is “said to be happy with the compilation,” which is not surprising.

Still, we wonder if Karl isn’t just a little jealous he didn’t publish a book of his quotes first–and we also wonder when he will publish some sort of tome that isn’t just of little black jackets or Nietsche’s complete writings. Think he has a memoir in the works? Or willChoupette’s come out first?

Can anyone guess what will be item number 1 on my bday wish list?

Once Upon A Time… Chanel.

Chanel Keira

In order to commemorate the fashion house’s 100th anniversary (yes it’s hard to believe there was ever a world without Chanel), Karl Lagerfeld has shot a fashion film that re-tells the brand’s beginning. This film is set in Deauville, where the first Chanel boutique was located, and features Keira Knightley as Gabrielle Chanel.

Enjoy this preview, and keep your eyes peeled for the real thing on May 8th.