Wearing nice clothes makes you feel better about yourself

Proof Positive: What You Wear DOES Affect How You Think


As people who wear many hats (literally), we know that we feel differently when we’re wearing a beautiful outfit, and when we just climb into what’s the most comfortable…and now, we have proof. Scientists part ofThe Journal of Experimental Cognition have been researching the effect that clothing has on the way we think and act, a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition”…and here’s the magical part: You have to be wearingthe clothes for it to take effect. According to the New York Times, if you wear someone else’s white coat and believe it came from a doctor, your ability to pay attention dramatically increases, but nothing happens if you think it came from a painter. “You have to wear the coat, see it on your body and feel it on your skin for it to influence your psychological processes,” Dr. Galinsky said, before he went on to explain how dressing like a pimp on Halloween made him feel more self-assured. We’ll pass on the feather boa and walking stick, thanks — but we’ll go ahead and get those Carven heels now, thank you very much! (NYT)

Bye Shoecide

I’m pretty sure that when Levi Strauss came up with the blue jean he didn’t imagine that the pants he had created to make it more comfortable for farm workers to work in their fields, would progress into a luxury item that every person would have in their closet. I assume the same of the people of Nike, Adidas, Reebok and other sneaker brands who probably never envisioned a sport shoe would become a status symbol as well.

But designers have proved us wrong once again. This season sneakers are not only in, but some of them contain heels and platforms so when they are worn they cause the same effect a stiletto would on a woman’s leg– minus the shoecide. And the prices of these shoes have catapulted way above than a pair of Louboutins would, making them not only trendy but a sort of anti-status symbol that any fashionista should include in her closet.

Here are a few examples of this season’s high end sneakers.

The whole ‘luxury sneakers’ frenzy began with Isabel Marant’s Willow sneakers. These include an inner platform that is not visibly apparent but the effect if causes on a girl’s leg is pretty much the same that a platform sandal would create. Endless amounts of celebrities, fashion bloggers, and trendy girls who can shed $770 for a pair of sneakers have been spotted wearing these Marant shoes.

Miu Miu glitter studded leather sneakers

More Miu Miu


Marc Jacobs Wedge Sneakers

Luis Vuitton Sneakers


More Luis Vuitton

Ysl Sneakers

Maison Martin Margiela cutout sneakers. The perfect hybrid between sneaker and sandal.

See by Chloe Leather & Suede Wedge Velcro Hi-Top Sneaker

Multicolored Marants.

Spring Trends Roundup

one, two, buckle my shoe

One Two, Buckle my shoe. Everyone from Isabel Marant to Balenciaga has incorporated  glam sneakers into their spring/summer collections.

Lets escape to Portofino

Pastel Colours.

Pastel + Peplum

The universally unflattering Peplum. Even its name is repulsive.


Baroque style jewelry. Lots of rings, lots of bracelets, an overall hand and arm party.

Pastel + Florals

Florals + Pastel Colours.


Leather, Leather and more Leather.


Candyland. A new version of an old classic.

Leather + peplum + neon.. I'm speechless. This outfit combines current trends with classic sexiness. well done.

Leather + Peplum + Neon. I am speechless about the way this outfit effortlessly combines current trends with classic sexiness. Well done.

Mynt hahaha

Minty Fresh + Pointed heels.



denim all over

Denim all over.

neon + floral

Neon + Floral

I Heart Isabel Marant

Embellished Jackets. Scratch that.

unhealthy obsession with jackets




Back Cleavage.

Mullet Dresses.

Pijamas during the daytime.