Currently Craving: Graduation Present Edition.

Ladies and Gentlement, Boys and Girls I did it. I am officially done with my undergrad.

As of Sunday May 12th I will be an Emerson Alumni. I have to say I have never had so many feelings happening at once, so in order to distract myself from them I have compiled a little list of gifts I would love to receive.

For my coffee table:

bookTaschen’s book Trespass. A history of uncommissioned urban art. Because my love of street art just continues.

beatsA pair of white beats with white details.

chanel legoA lego-inspired Chanel night purse.

louboutinAnd of course a pair of clear Louboutin’s to go with that fabulous purse.

Never stop wishing!

The Foreign Girl.

All I want for Christmas…

original article can be found in the latest issue of Dirty Water News

Admit it, the only reason why you shopped on Black Friday is because you had been lusting on a pair of too-expensive black pumps and hoped to find them at a discount price. But with December right around the corner, you may be asking yourself the age-old question: what do I get my friends and family for Christmas? No need to stress! Here at Dirty Water News we have compiled a Christmas-Gift shopping list for every member of your crew.

-For your little sister: since she admires you so much and wants to be just like you, go ahead and get her a nice jewelry box so you won’t have trouble finding all the earrings and necklaces she “borrows” from you. Now if you really want to splurge on your sis’s gift you can make her dream come true by buying her a bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company ($155 at

-For your BFF: since you guys already share all your clothes there is no use in getting her a sweater or a new dress (unless it’s one you want to wear too). Surprise her with a creative gift like a Picnic Plus Brava Wine & Cheese Backpack (available at set so she can carry her booze around with style. Not a heavy drinker? No problem! You can surprise her with an awesome pair of sunglasses from see eyewear (125 Newbury St.) or with anything and everything that can be bought at The Fashion Truck Boston, which is parked every Sunday at SOWA open market or at The Holiday Market at City Hall Plaza.

For your loving mother: while most magazines and holiday shopping lists will tell you to get her some sort of cooking appliance, we feel it’s rude to send your mother to the kitchen! Show her some love by getting her some scented candles from Diptyque (available at Barney’s) or some nice picture frames-with picture of you in them of course! If you don’t feel like getting her anything for the home, you can give her a Luxe Beauty Gift such as the Clarisonic Mia brush so she can have a glowing complexion in time for new year’s.

For the men in your life: we all suffer when attempting to buy gifts for men, so in an attempt to over simplify this experience, we at Dirty Water News have decided that nothing puts your men in the holiday spirit like fine bottle of Whiskey. If your dad is not a heavy drinker, any gadget from The Sharper Image will most definitely put a smile on his face. And for the men in your life who aren’t old enough to drink? A pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will surely impress, however in case you don’t feel like splurging that amount of cash on you little brother a video game like Fifa 13 is surely a kick ass gift.

Now you will surely be exhausted after all that holiday shopping, so why not treat yourself to a pre-Christmas massage at Bliss Spa Boston (located at the W hotel) you can follow up that relaxation session on your couch with all your thankful loved ones for a Mad Men Marathon.

Fashion Image Consultant

During my summer in Paris I attended Istituto Marangoni, a world renown fashion school. I did a 3 week Fashion Image Consulting course which basically consisted in learning how to  be someone’s personal shopper and also a magazine fashion editor.Our final project was to come up with an editorial for a fictitious fashion magazine. We had to create a theme, choose a model and shop for the clothes and props we would utilize for the photo shoot. My theme was 1950’s Jet Setter.

Here are some instagram pics of my final project.

And here are the final, edited versions of the pictures.

Photo Credit goes to Fabio Piemonte

Wearing nice clothes makes you feel better about yourself

Proof Positive: What You Wear DOES Affect How You Think


As people who wear many hats (literally), we know that we feel differently when we’re wearing a beautiful outfit, and when we just climb into what’s the most comfortable…and now, we have proof. Scientists part ofThe Journal of Experimental Cognition have been researching the effect that clothing has on the way we think and act, a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition”…and here’s the magical part: You have to be wearingthe clothes for it to take effect. According to the New York Times, if you wear someone else’s white coat and believe it came from a doctor, your ability to pay attention dramatically increases, but nothing happens if you think it came from a painter. “You have to wear the coat, see it on your body and feel it on your skin for it to influence your psychological processes,” Dr. Galinsky said, before he went on to explain how dressing like a pimp on Halloween made him feel more self-assured. We’ll pass on the feather boa and walking stick, thanks — but we’ll go ahead and get those Carven heels now, thank you very much! (NYT)

Baby love

Thanks to my loving parents I can now check off one item out of my shopping bucket list: the Celine Boston bag! since they bought it for me I didn’t have to go through the hassle of choosing which color I wanted it in and let me say I am in love. I love it so much i’m even considering naming it. If you want to send her emails telling her how pretty she is you can send them to me- and i”ll be sure to give her the message. 🙂

I’ll post better pictures when I have them.

Shopping Bucket list

Self- Explanatory

A Celine Boston Bag. As soon as I make up my mind on which color I want it in, I’m getting it!!

A vintage Luis Vuitton travel trunk. Of course I have no intention of traveling anywhere with it, the weight of the trunk alone would exceed the pounds you’re allowed to travel with when you’re flying commercial. I would have it in my living room and fill it with books. I guess I have to wait until I move into a bigger apartment to get it.

Ray Ban Cat Eye Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses. No use buying those in the middle of winter; summer get here already!!

Hermes Evelyne messenger bag. Because who says you have to be 50 to wear Hermes?

3.1 Phillip Lim 

3.1 Phillip Lim leather two tone  motocross jacket.


Sandro leather and knitted jacket.

This obsession with jackets is getting very unhealthy.