Pastry Shop Guide

Ass all my lovely followers know, I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE foodie. And this semester I had to do a video project for one of my journalism classes where I chose a topic and reported about it. Naturally I decided to make it about food (because it would be really immoral to turn in a video about how much I like going to clubs). I decided to concentrate on North End dining, and while you may be thinking, she already did a post about dining in the North End in february, this time I decided to focus on all the Italian pastry shops in this lovely area. Click on my video to see what I believe are the best Italian pastry shoppes in the North End. There is even a surprise appearance by me, making it the first time you will ever hear me talking!

Bon Apetit!

Fashion, The Rite Way

 “I run everything out of my dorm” says the soft-spoken Emerson College sophomore Jake Bailey as he sits in the school’s Max Lounge. At 19-years-old Bailey is not only studying full-time as a Marketing major but also has his own urban street wear brand Rite Brothers CO.

The brand was inspired by the area of Houston where Bailey lived in, since in his town there was a great mixture of people both from Texas and from the rest of the country. There were a lot of people originally from California, that moved to Houston and brought their own style and mixed it up with the local one. Bailey remembers how the norm at his high school was to wear nice jeans and a funky t-shirt. His classmate’s funky style was ultimately what inspired him to start his own t-shirt brand. Bailey says, “If I hadn’t gone to that high school I wouldn’t have developed a taste for fashion”

So what makes Rite Brothers co. so original? Well, this company not only has eye-catching designs printed on their t-shirts but also focuses on providing its clients with a high quality product that will last you through the years which is something rarely found in most urban street wear brands. Another thing that makes this brand so special is the fact that it has a story. As its name says, Rite Brothers co. is inspired by the success of the brothers of the same name, however spelled differently, in their creation and vision of the airplane. Bailey chose them as inspiration because of their persistence in the creation of the airplane. While millions tried, it was the Wright brothers were the ones who actually got it right. They didn’t give up in the face of adversity.

Even though Bailey created this company, all the credit for it cannot be awarded to him. He has a team of about nine people- both within Emerson and outside as well- working on this project. “I’m the business side of the company” he says “I supervise and make sure that my designers follow my vision and I have the final say in all major decisions.” However, he says that he would like to get more involved in the designing process since he believes he has a very strong creative mind.

Even though business is booming for Rite Bothers co. right now, Bailey says this success did not happen overnight, “I have been working on this project since September, and it all finally came together two weeks ago.” The entrepreneur says a lot of his success is owed to social media and blogging. People buy his product and then post pictures of them online wearing it which sparks curiosity about his brand. This has led to many random people calling him and enquiring about the t-shirts. “It’s cool when people who aren’t my family or friends or know me want to make my brand a part of their lives”

If you would like to make Rite Bothers co. a part of your life, you don’t have to look very far. Boston’s very own Green Street Vault – which is a truck that doubles as a store- has been creating a lot of buzz about Rite Brothers co. t-shirts. You can also buy the spring collection online and, in about a month or so, their summer collection will hopefully be sold by multiple interested retailers both online and in Boston.The future looks bright for this young Emersonian.