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Where The Wild Souls Are.


We all have a little bit of a wild within our souls. We like to tend to that wild side every so often with a little bit of risky behavior, a crazy night out, a funky addition to our wardrobe, etc.  Sometimes, however, we forget to feed the most important part: our souls.

Wild Soul sunglasses are helping Generation-Y cater to both our wild sides and our souls. How? This eyewear company sells stylish sunglasses and donates a percentage of the proceeds to charitable causes. Now you may think, “I’ve already seen a million fashion companies that give back to the community.” However, Wild Soul is unlike any other. This company goes the extra mile by letting their shoppers choose which cause they wish to support (health, society, environment) and which specific foundation they wish to donate to.

The Wild Soul brand is the brainchild of college friends Marc Battipaglia and Andres Beker. After graduating from Emory, the two friends knew they wanted to start a sunglass company, but felt their fashion dreams could not be completely fulfilled without giving back.


“Our aim is to change the way people approach shopping for material products,” says Beker, “I think it’s very important to include the social aspect into a brand.” This is how they came up with the brand’s slogan: “Choose your sunglasses, choose your cause.”

Beker says they chose to design eyewear because, as a charitable company, putting something on your face goes that extra step to make a statement. So what better way to show that you’re helping out your community, than by advertising it on your face?

In case you’re wondering where the “wild” aspect comes in, each model of eyewear is named after a different animal, and the designers aimed to create a resemblance between the sunglasses and their namesake. There are currently four different styles, and each come in three different colors. Wild Soul sunglasses can be found on their website or at selected Cohen’s Optical store locations.

Say No To Graduation.

Original article published in Elite Daily.

When you look back at it, weren’t those six years of college the best years of your life? Wait, six years?! What ever happened to the good old four years that rivaled your high school tenure? The answer to this question, and many others, can be found in the simple fact: no one is graduating in four years anymore.

That is a pretty bold statement. One that I am sure I can bore you with a multitude of facts and statistics with. The truth is we are about half and half on the whole ”graduating on time” nonsense. These baby boomers had no problem wrapping it up in four years, and they had wars! Why us?

For centuries, outside of a little old fable about some tortoise and some hare, taking your time hasn’t been viewed as effective as it actually is. This is the age of tablets, social media, and even some high speed Internet. We ARE high speed. No one truly has time to sit and think about their decisions and the repercussions that they yield. It is all about the now, and the later will be dealt with when it becomes the now, while the now becomes the forgotten.

grad school

Theories and prose aside, this all goes out the window the moment the world ”college” or ”university” comes into view. And it isn’t even hard to see why. As a 17 year old, all I remember about the college experience was how much I was going to owe at the end of the ride.

This is the first big step for anyone to a very strings attached freedom. Your success is based on yourself in this setting. Don’t want to go to class? That’s fine. Want to party and sleep around your first few semesters? That’s cool. Spending hours upon hours holed up in a dilapidated campus library to study? Hey it’s your prerogative. But also, this is where the story splits.

With college comes responsibility. But, it also has those strings that I mentioned above. This isn’t the booming economy any of us vaguely remember as we grasped at Fruit Rollups and went on abundant vacations in. This is the theorized wasteland of Keynes, where Big Business has turned the job market into a desert, with no oasis in sight.

Maybe, this is an escape for us. The one last road stop that has decent food, a warm bed, and a self-sustained economy where no one is really rich, and no one is exceptionally poor. It’s not fun out there, and what’s wrong with spending a couple of more years roaming the vestibules hoping to find the ”sure thing” that’s next? Nothing.

We could also be becoming smarter, looking at our options and hoping to jump into the best situation granted for us. Instead of figuring out that mercurial major during your second year, there is no harm in trying one out for two years, finally setting on your one true career choice. This could easily lead to less nine to five cul-de-sac’s of unstimulating activity. Sometimes it is easier to plan a roadmap of where to go, rather than head out naked into the untested tundra of tomorrow.

Whatever the reason may be, higher education is changing. The settled foundations of what our families, society and we, as a whole, have known, will never be what it was. And that is OK. Whether it’s fear, courage, stupidity or a Long Island iced tea mix of the three, maybe four years to figure out your life just doesn’t cut it anymore. Time to move past the myth, and get comfortable with the reality.

Ali Abouomar | Elite.

The Fatal Attraction To Bad Boys.


We all have that friend, the one who cries incessantly about her no-good boyfriend and yet can’t seem to let go of him. In fact, you probably have been guilty yourself of dating someone who treated you way worse than you deserved, but you wouldn’t call it quits because of his bad boy sex appeal. This leads to the age-old question: why do girls insist on dating bad boys and then act surprised when they treat them like sh*t?

The answer to this question can be divided in two: first, safe is no fun. Second, it is all a matter of ego. Let me elaborate more on both.

Bad boys are risk takers; they keep you on your toes. They are unpredictable, and let’s face it, it’s really excited to be with someone who will always surprise you with his next move. There is no excitement in a guy who treats you like a princess. You expect good behavior all the time and then it just becomes routine and, well, boring.

We tend to appreciate things we have to work hard for a lot more than we appreciate things that come easily to us. Bad boys are always a challenge and we thrive in our conquest of pinning them down. Everyday with him just feels like a huge gamble, which is why the latter rewards feel so good.


Girls like to talk and girls like drama. If we didn’t date bad boys then we would have no drama to talk about when we go out for drinks with our friends, simple as that. Also, you are more likely to question the success of your relationship if everything is going right than if there is a little drama here and there.

Because of their bad boy nature, these dudes are always willing to go the extra mile for the girl they love. Dating is a game and the bad boy will go all-in to play it, with extra wit and better pick up lines than any nice guy. Movies have taught us to glorify bad boys, and let’s face it, everyone wants a relationship like the ones they see in the movies.

But the sexiest thing about a bad boy is the possibility of changing him into the man we wish he were. Yeah your mom always told you that you should never have to change anyone to be with him, but our egos are trained to thing otherwise. Every girl wants to say that she is the girl who tamed the bad boy. She wants the right to brag about the fact that she was the one who “changed him,” It’s all a matter of ego.

However, never make the mistake of confusing masochism with an attraction to bad boys. Believing you are not worthy of being treated better than the bad boy treats you, or thinking that’s the way you are meant to be treated is a whole different animal than having an attraction to bad boys.

And for those girls who cant break their bad boy habit, always remember that the exact things that make the bad boy sexy are what in the long run will make him a really bad boyfriend.

Adriana Herdan | Elite.