Los Rumberos de Massachusetts

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Paul Sefchovich, A student at Berklee School of Music, stopped to pick up a pizza a few days ago, “The guy who served me the Pizza was like, ‘You’re the guy from Los Rumberos,” Sefchovich says. “I can get used to that”

Los Rumberos de Massachusetts is a Latin-American rock band composed of three Mexican Berklee College of Music students. They started making music just for fun and wound up attracting a huge fan base and touring the world. Their intention was never to form a band, they where simply three friends who messed around with their instruments on their spare time.

“We came up with our name (Los Rumberos) because Rumba is the slang term Latinos use for partying.” Says Angel Cespedes who plays the guitar and sings in the band, “We would mess around and play music at our friend’s after parties, until one of our friends suggested we take our act to the street.”


Cespedes is a contemporary music production Major from Mexico City. He came to Berklee because he wanted to be a big music producer for a famous band. He never dreamed that he would end up being the lead singer of his own internationally renowned act.

“We didn’t realize our potential until our first international performance in a music festival in Oaxaca.” Says Cespedes “We were only supposed to play there for one day but the audience went so crazy over our performance that we were asked to play throughout the entirety of the festival.” This led to a series of performances in several bars in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Puerto Escondido.

Making it in Mexico motivated them to pursue even more opportunities abroad. They started with a few performances in Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain.

“Yeah apparently word about Los Rumberos travelled all the way to Europe.” Says Cespedes “Because when we got to Berklee Valencia everyone already knew who we were and were so excited to see us perform, it was unreal.”

rumberos 2

There they were spotted by a Berklee alumn, who set up a few performances for them in Madrid, Burgos, Moscow and Latvia.

“That tour we did last summer was definitely a confidence booster.” Says Luis Miguel “Lito” de La Isla the “serious” member of the band, “That’s when it really hit us that we had the potential to be huge.”

Lito is an electronic production and design major from Guadalajara who plays the guitar and sings in the band. “Before this summer I thought of Los Rumberos as a good way of practicing for my solo career.”

rumberos 3

Before Los Rumberos Lito had written and produced a few songs by himself, including a song called “Para Todas” which went viral in Mexico. After his realization that he was sitting on something big with Los Rumberos he decided to devote his time and energy to the band instead.

“I feel like we’ve played everywhere man, from The Foundation Room, to Barlola (where they play every Thursday), The Lenox Hotel, The House of Blues, OM in Cambridge, Naga in Cambridge, 49 social.” Says Lito,“To even the most random ass places like a nursing home for Russian elders in Allston”

“Or Latvia” Adds Paul Sefchovich, the jokester of the band.

Originally from Mexico City, Sefchovich is also a contemporary music production major, who plays percussion in the band.


“Latvia was probably THE defining moment for us.” Says Sefchovich, “There we were even invited to a talk show that broadcast in national television, like that’s when I realized that we were absolutely not just three friends messing around anymore.”

However their beginnings weren’t as glamorous as their recent performances. Their first “concert” was actually on a street corner. The corner of Newbury and Fairfield Street to be more specific,

“Yeah this was around April 2011, the weather was nice so we decided to start playing in the streets.” Says Lito, “we didn’t even have a name for ourselves yet but we attracted a HUGE crowd”

This street-side experiment led them to their first official performance at The Middle East in Cambridge.

“So after this performance we decided to get official.” Says Cespedes, “We decided to have weekly rehearsals, we decided to get ourselves a studio, we reached out to more venues to see if we could play in them”


He continues to say that even though they have been very successful there have been some challenges.

“I think that our biggest challenge is that we can’t take anything seriously.” Says Cespedes, “Although we should really start.”

To which Lito adds, “No actually I think the biggest challenge has been to hear myself sing, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable hearing myself”

He then asks his other two band mates if they have trouble hearing themselves sing, to which Sefchovich replies: “No man I have really big ears”

After hearing about this band’s trajectory one can’t help but wonder, why have they been so successful?

“We are one drum, two guitars and three voices.” Says Sefchovich,“It’s all acoustic and we try to keep it as minimalistic as possible-unlike those indie posers”

Their soft beats are what have attracted such a loyal fan base, who can be found every Thursday at Barlola on Commonwealth Avenue.

“Our fans are mostly Latino students who like us because we remind them of Mana.” Says Sefchovich, “Although we have a group of Beacon-Hill mommies who like us a lot too.” He adds referring to the mom’s who hire the to play at their kid’s parties, “This has forced us to start incorporating more English songs into our repertoire so the kiddies will understand.”

When asked about the future, they all look at each other and laugh.

“Everything about this band has just been a series of coincidences that have led us to where we are right now, but hopefully we’ll start a world tour within the next six months and fingers-crossed this will lead to a deal with a record label.” Says Sefchovic with a big smile, “If this doesn’t happen then our plan is to take over the world by buying countries and spreading the rumba lifestyle like an STD”

Boston Christmas Events

As the weather gets colder, and the year draws to an end, most of us ‘tis the season to be naughty. This means calling in sick to work more often than were supposed to and getting drunk during our huge family gatherings. However, with the amount of Christmas events Boston’s offering this year, you might want to reconsider your highly anticipated holiday bender and actually go out and enjoy the city’s holiday cheer. From shopping, to ice skating to unusual versions of the nutcracker here is a list of events you might want to check out if you decide to get creative with your Christmas plans.

We understand you’re tired of seeing The Nutcracker every Christmas, but this year you can watch a more modern version of this classic. For the 5th consecutive year The Slutcracker will be playing at The Somerville theatre (55 Davis Sq.) and it’s a burlesque version of our beloved story except this one contains strippers instead of proper well-to-do little girls. We don’t feel we need to mention this, but The Slutcracker is most definitely not kid friendly so for those of you who still wish to enjoy The Nutcracker with your little ones, Tchaikovsky’s original ballet version of the story will be playing through Dec 31st. at the Boston Opera House (539 Washington St.).

As for other Christmas shows, for three days only (Dec 26th-28th) you can get in touch with your cheesy side and go see probably the largest amount of glitter and hairspray you will ever see in your life. That’s right, this year Boston will have its own version of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular- Rockettes included!! The show will be performed at the Citi Performing Arts Center (270 Tremont Street) so even if you are stuck in Boston for the holidays, you can feel almost as if you had a vacation in New York (right). Given we are on the subject of cheesy, you can also head to Symphony Hall (301 Massachusetts Av.) and check out the Boston Pops holiday special, which plays through Dec. 26th and features a special appearance by none other than Saint Nick himself.

Now we assume after seeing the old bearded guy, you would get in the mood for some Christmas shopping. What better place to do so than in the SOWA Holiday Market (74 Union Park St.), which is the Christmas version of the famous SOWA open market and features more than 80 local artisans and designers. Think of it as a two for one deal, not only will you get amazing gifts for you and your loved ones, but you will also be helping the local economy grow! Happy Holidays to all our loyal readers. DWN.

All I want for Christmas…

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Admit it, the only reason why you shopped on Black Friday is because you had been lusting on a pair of too-expensive black pumps and hoped to find them at a discount price. But with December right around the corner, you may be asking yourself the age-old question: what do I get my friends and family for Christmas? No need to stress! Here at Dirty Water News we have compiled a Christmas-Gift shopping list for every member of your crew.

-For your little sister: since she admires you so much and wants to be just like you, go ahead and get her a nice jewelry box so you won’t have trouble finding all the earrings and necklaces she “borrows” from you. Now if you really want to splurge on your sis’s gift you can make her dream come true by buying her a bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company ($155 at Shopbop.com).

-For your BFF: since you guys already share all your clothes there is no use in getting her a sweater or a new dress (unless it’s one you want to wear too). Surprise her with a creative gift like a Picnic Plus Brava Wine & Cheese Backpack (available at Amazon.com) set so she can carry her booze around with style. Not a heavy drinker? No problem! You can surprise her with an awesome pair of sunglasses from see eyewear (125 Newbury St.) or with anything and everything that can be bought at The Fashion Truck Boston, which is parked every Sunday at SOWA open market or at The Holiday Market at City Hall Plaza.

For your loving mother: while most magazines and holiday shopping lists will tell you to get her some sort of cooking appliance, we feel it’s rude to send your mother to the kitchen! Show her some love by getting her some scented candles from Diptyque (available at Barney’s) or some nice picture frames-with picture of you in them of course! If you don’t feel like getting her anything for the home, you can give her a Luxe Beauty Gift such as the Clarisonic Mia brush so she can have a glowing complexion in time for new year’s.

For the men in your life: we all suffer when attempting to buy gifts for men, so in an attempt to over simplify this experience, we at Dirty Water News have decided that nothing puts your men in the holiday spirit like fine bottle of Whiskey. If your dad is not a heavy drinker, any gadget from The Sharper Image will most definitely put a smile on his face. And for the men in your life who aren’t old enough to drink? A pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will surely impress, however in case you don’t feel like splurging that amount of cash on you little brother a video game like Fifa 13 is surely a kick ass gift.

Now you will surely be exhausted after all that holiday shopping, so why not treat yourself to a pre-Christmas massage at Bliss Spa Boston (located at the W hotel) you can follow up that relaxation session on your couch with all your thankful loved ones for a Mad Men Marathon.

Party like Boston’s International Elite.

ANYONE WHO GOES to school in Boston has seen them, the fabulously dressed group of students, who speak really broken English and walk around in packs on Newbury Street. And as you see them in their designer outfits, you may wonder, where are they going?

Well it’s no secret that when the wealthy class of internationals arrive in Boston the first thing they do is take out daddy’s credit card out for a spin on a Friday at Venu Boston (100 Warrenton street) to dance the night away to a mix of House music as well as the adjacent Latin room, which plays Spanish songs for the students from the south of the border.
On Saturdays you can find this same crew at the infamous recess Saturday party at Splash Ultra Lounge (150 Kneeland Street) where Miami style pool parties meet the Boston chill in a party that goes on from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. During the summer they even open up their rooftop pool for those brave enough to ruin their outfit by jumping in. One may think that after all these hours of day drinking these students would be exhausted and go to bed early, but make no mistake, these hardcore party animals continue the party at Bijou Nightclub (51 Stuart street) where the expensive cover charges don’t prevent the Euros from partying it up as if they were on the other side of the pond. Complete with a huge line of V.I.P. tables, this relatively new club is an international student favorite because of its similarities to the clubs they frequent in their home countries.

Now Boston’s international elite students aren’t exclusively about partying and clubs, they eat too! You may find these Chanel clad kids curing their hangover at Paramount Beacon Hill (44 Charles street) every Sunday or during the week enjoying sangrias and outdoor patio dining (given that the weather allows it) at Scoozi Newbury (237 Newbury Street) or Cafeteria Boston (279 Newbury street) where on any random Friday afternoon the last language you are likely to hear is English.
Given their profound love for sangria you may also find them on a Thursday evening at BarLola Tapas Lounge (160 Commonwealth av.) where they wine and dine while listening to live music by Los Rumberos. As snobby as their lifestyle sounds, alcohol seems to be the great equalizer since the foreign kid’s drunk food of choice are oversized $3 pizzas from New York Pizza (224 Tremont street) which is conveniently located right by Bijou, Splash and Venu!