20 Fall Fashion Campaigns To Look Forward To This Season.

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Fashion’s Campaign Trail

It seems like fashion advertisers are more creative than ever with this year’s spring campaigns. From Alexander McQueen’s surrealist campaign to Prada’s grace Kelly inspired ads, one could conclude that marketing experts went the extra mile so that no one could say their campaigns were “repetitive.”

However there is one spring campaign that is creating even more of buzz in the fashion world. Diane Von Furstenberg’s spring campaign may be a little hard to understand, yet it has people all over the world talking. It is inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings and features a faceless model that has a mirror for a face. Von Furstenberg says the whole reason behind the mirror is so that the person looking at the campaign could envision herself in the dress, instead of the model wearing it. The brand also has a new slogan to go with the new approach to advertising itself, which is: “be the woman you want to be.”  This is a truly inspirational campaign that takes on an innovative approach that has never been seen before.

Prada Grace Kelly