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-We’re not all crazy fake breasted bitches and other stereotypes about Latinas that need to  die (Cosmopolitan.)

-“I’m not a regular Archie, I’m a cool Archie!” New and improved version of our favorite redhead now sends texts, instagrams but is still in the same love triangle with Betty and Veronica (Mashable.)

-7 married men explain why they talk shit about marriage even though they love their wives (Women’s Health.)

-Bring on the legwarmers! Here’s a roundup of the  80’s most popular workouts (FabFitFun.)

-Since we’re talking about past decades, here are 31 beauty products every 90’s girl will recognize (Huffpost Style.)

-To continue the walk down memory lane, here is the history of the “Ballet Body” throughout the decades. (Vogue.)

-17 Disney quotes that offer timeless wisdom. (Elite Daily.)

-And for Harry Potter fans, here are 25 Harry Potter quotes to brighten your weekend (Bustle.)

-It’s not all Namaste’s and Om’s in the yoga world. Here’s what happens when yoga teachers behave badly. (The New York Times.)

-You won’t believe what Cindy Crawford studied in College. (Purewow.)


Link Love

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so why don’t I use the amount of time I spend reading blogs towards something productive? Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Nintendo 64

  • Ever realize how men seem so much more attractive to you only after they have rejected you? Rejection makes the heart grow fonder (Elephant Journal.)
  • Girls are always the crazy ones in relationships. Guys get called aggressive, or passionate, or sensitive, but never, ever crazy. (Galore Magazine.)
  • While on the topic of men underestimating women, men are sooo not smarter than women so why do they make us feel like they are? (Huffington Post.)
  • Yoga Cures. 16 celebrity yogis share how yoga changed their lives. (Mind Body Green.)
  • While on the topic of yoga cures, here’s an article about the power of using Yoga during eating disorder treatment (Recovery Warriors.)
  • For those of us who miss getting artsy on Paint, here’s 11 other things we did in the 90’s that we can’t do anymore (Bustle.)
  • While on the topic of the 90’s, here are 9 things you didn’t know about the show Full House (Self.)
  • Consider this your official warning to not sleep with your phone on your bed, because you know, it can burn your hair. (Cosmopolitan.)
  • 6 Grammar mistakes even smart people make (Real Simple.)

Link Love IV


James Franco explains why he chooses so many gay roles- via Huffington Post.

Baby Boomer discusses why he would like to be a Millenial when he retires- via New York Times

5 steps to turn jealousy into positivity- via XoJane.

Dress for the part you want in life and eventually you’ll get it – via Elite Daily.

You’re Jewish? But you’re so pretty! and other things you should never say to a Jewish girl – via Cosmopolitan.

Are you dating a Thursday guy?- via Elle.

The only situation where crocs are acceptable, on Boo!! – via Fashionista.



Link Love III

sad girl

Sunday Blues.

Can’t believe it’s officially been a year since Ghesquiere left Balenciaga, my how fast the fashion industry moves- via Fashionista.

Sunday blues explained- via Cosmopolitan.

How our phones are ruining our lives- via Elle.

Has photoshop made models irrelevant? – via StyleCaster.

A list of questions every baby-boomer would like to ask us millenials – via Huffington Post.

15 things successful people do every day – via Forbes.

10 decisions that will make you happier and healthier- via Huff Post Style.


Link Love II.

I might make this a weekly thing.


Doutzen feels really bad about looking this good.

OH SHIT, a global wine shortage may soon be upon us- via The Huffington Post.

You better watch your mouth Kaiser! Karl Lagerfeld’s rude remarks come back and bite him in the derriere- via Huff Post Style.

The Cheerleader Effect explained- via The Cut.

Why husband shopping is so 2012- via Elite Daily.

Reasons to love Ataturk, and to feed my obsession with Turks – via Time.

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes apologizes for being so perfect- via PopSugar.

10 things every girl  woman should know by 25- via Cosmopolitan.

When Pretty Girls Hate On Themselves, Where Does That Leave The Rest Of Us?

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Your Morning Spit-Take: Audrey Hepburn Didn’t Think She Was Gorgeous


It’s sad. If you’re a human woman on this planet, the chances are pretty good that there’s something on (or missing from) your body that you curse daily. Mine’s my chin, or lack thereof. On good days, I hardly see it. On bad days, I see this picture of Megan Amram. From that mirror scene in Regina George’s bedroom in Mean Girls, to the devastatingprevalence of eating disorders and plastic surgery, American women are constantly in a state of agony over their bodies. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest ways to bond with other girls.

Even supermodel Brooklyn Decker, whose legs are probably as tall as my entire body and whose hair deserves a seminar at the Blake Lively and Connie Britton’s Glorious Unicorn Mane Academy, has her own insecurities about her looks, as she confessed to Women’s Health via The Daily Mail. Decker, who’s no stranger to fitness herself (not to mention married to Andy Roddick), was awestruck about Jennifer Aniston’s bikini body on the set of Just Go With It. She was so self-conscious about her own that she declined an invitation to work out with Jen: “I was invited to do yoga with her on set but they had so many good yogis I was intimidated and chickened out.” Humblebrag or honest insecurity? You be the judge.

I mean, Christ on a cracker. If Brooklyn Decker’s insecure about her body, where does that leave the rest of us? But here’s where I officially throw in the towel: Audrey Hepburn, the gamine of Sabrina—Holly freaking Golightly, for God’s sake—didn’t think she was pretty. Her son Luca Doti spoke to Vanity Fair about his mother’s insecurity with her looks, which Hepburn referred to as “a good mixture of defects.” “She thought she had a big nose and big feet, and she was too skinny and not enough breast. She would look in the mirror and say, ‘I don’t understand why people see me as beautiful.'”

The 1957 movie Funny Face starred Hepburn as an intellectual book store clerk who’s discovered by women’s magazine photographer Fred Astaire and whisked off to Paris to be a supermodel. The title, which of course is a references to Hepburn’s face, echoes her own sentiment about “a good mixture of defects.” I’ll never say life doesn’t imitate art again.

Can I take this course too?

Original Article retrieved from Cosmopolitan.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Coming to a College Campus Near You

Many English professors would give you a disapproving stare if you proposed doing a literary analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey for class—unless your professor is Stef Woods.

The adjunct professor at American University in Washington, D.C., is teaching a class based on the trilogy this semester. And it’s popular, too: “Contemporary American Culture: The 50 Shades Trilogy” is completely full with 23 students—and Woods has a waiting list of students ready and willing to discuss the intricacies of the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele.

Is it a hands-on class about the sexual techniques described in the book? Not really.

Instead, Woods’ course will cover overall themes in the book, like sexuality and whether or not the relationship between Christian and Ana is healthy or abusive. Students will have plenty of assignments in the class, too: Woods said they’ll be reading a bunch of different texts—not just the Fifty Shades books—and they’ll have to write at least three term papers.

September covers unveiled

Vogue: Lady Gaga

Harper’s Bazaar: Gwen Stefani

Marie Claire: Miley Cyrus

Glamour: Victoria Beckham

Elle: Katy Perry

Cosmopolitan: Lucy Hale

Allure: Sofia Vergara

Vanity Fair: Kate Middleton

Lucky: Eva Longoria

W: Penelope Cruz

In Style: Jennifer Lopez


The September Wars

September is a very significant month for the fashion industry. It is a month where designers launch their collections for the new season and display them in the multiple fashion weeks that are held in in the big fashion capitals of the world. However September also represents a month when magazines launch their reviews of these shows and their forecasts for the upcoming year’s trend. It is no coincidence that this is every publications thickest issue and also the issue with the most expensive ad space. Most reputable fashion publications compete to outsell the other, and their tactic is very simple: the magazine with the best cover has the best odds of winning this game. Lets see who will be covering the September Issue of your favourite fashion glossy this year.

Glamour: Victoria Beckham.

Elle: Katy Perry

W: Penelope Cruz

Vanity Fair: Jessica Chastain

Vogue: Lady Gaga

Cosmopolitan: Lucy Hale

Harper’s Bazaar: Gwen Stefani

Marie Claire: Miley Cyrus

In Style: Jennifer Lopez.

Let the September wars begin!