Hollywood’s Magic Juices.

One of the main reasons why juicing has become so popular is because of the amount of celebrities who have done them. It appears that Hollywood’s hottest use juice cleanses to get red-carpet ready. Here are some of the most popular cleanses and the celebrities who do them

1-)Cooler Cleanse:

–       a three to five detox diet consisting of pressed raw juices.

–       Celebrities who love it: Salma Hayek (who is also a co-founder of this cleanse) Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rachel Zoe, Oprah Winfrey.

2-) Blueprint Cleanse:

–       Three, five, seven or 10 days of organic juices that contain a mixture of raw fruit and vegetables.

–       Celebrities who love it: Blake Lively, Ashley Greene, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bethenny Frankel, Jessica Zohr.

3-) Liquiteria:

–       one, three, five and seven day cleanses made with a method that preserves three times more minerals and vitamins than most other cleanses.

–       Celebrities who love it: Alec Baldwin, Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrel.

4-) Organic Avenue:

–       one, three and five day cleanses all made with organic and kosher ingredients and packaged in reusable bottles.

–       Celebrities who love it: Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Meg Ryan, Owen Wilson, Jessica Chastain, Michelle Williams, Alicia Silverstone.

5-) Reset Cleanse:

-Three, five and 10 day cleanses plus a post-workout drink.

-Celebrities who love it: Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Camila Alves, Kris Jenner.

6-) The Juice Press Cleanse:

-Three and five day cleanses packed with 100% organic produce.

-Celebrities who love it: Kate Hudson, Renee Zelweger.

7-) Pressed Juicer’s Cleanse:

–       Considered the next level of cleansing since its juices are even more restricting than the ones in all the aforementioned cleanses.

–       Celebrities who love it: Gwyneth Paltrow, Molly Sims.

😎 David Kirsch’s 48-hour detox:

-A two day diet which consists on drinking Kirsch’s fat-burning lemonade four times a day in order to boost your metabolism’s speed.

-Celebrities who love it: Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler.

9-) The Master Cleanse:

–       The Master cleanse is the most extreme detox diet. Followers subsist on a liquid diet of hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days.

–       Celebrities who love it: Beyonce (who uses it to slim down for movie roles), Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto (who lost 60 pounds by doing it), Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, Lindsay Lohan.

And on that note… The perks of being Blake Lively

Blake Lively may be self-effacing when it comes to her acting skills. But she has no problem admitting the incredible access and privilege her fame brings — especially in the fashion world.

In her new interview with Marie Claire (previewed by People.com), the lithe, blonde “Gossip Girl” star reminds us once again that she is not like us.

“Maybe it sounds jerky,” she tells Marie Claire‘s Nina Garcia, “but I’m lucky to be on such a fashion-centric show [Gossip Girl]. There’s no designer I don’t have access to.” And on the subject of her future wedding:

“What I planned before I got into the business has changed,” she says. “Now I’m like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to make me. And which couture house should I go to?’ “

But of course. Christian is a FOB (Friend Of Blake), naming a shoe after hergiving her personal style advice and gifting her his entire Spring 2012 collection. In short, it’s good to be Blake.

To be fair, the star has acknowledged how lucky she is to live a life of fame and fortune. “For me, this other stuff — well, the perks — is not the reason I do the job,”she once told Interview. “Couture fashion week, getting to meet Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano and Christian Louboutin is so exciting. […] But at the end of the day I wouldn’t be there without my job. There are a few things in life that matter above all else: your family, your friends, your loved ones.”

And by “loved ones,” we assume she means Ryan Reynolds. Some girls really do have all the luck.

Read more at People.com and MarieClaire.com and get a glimpse of her Marie Claireshoot below. Seriously, how gorgeous does she look?

blake lively marie claire

Make a statement, Leave an impression.

This month, I’m all about the statement necklaces.

Olivia Palermo Jewelry

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Jewelry

Once again.

Yours truly.

And once again.

Dannijo Necklaces.

Baroque inspired Lanvin necklace.

Embroided Fabric Necklace.

Chiara Ferragni - 'Let's Party' By Coin

Chiara Ferragni.

Blake Lively Jewelry

And of course, my girl obsession Blake Lively.

April Showers

Believe it or not, spring has sprung. This piece of news brings along a lot of happiness for the residents of Boston; it means the disgusting winter is finally over, and summer is only a few months away. The downside of spring is that the weather changes a lot and we are visited by my personal enemy: rain. But April showers don’t necessarily have to dampen your mood; you can make a splash in all the cute rain gear that’s popular this year

My recommended list of rainy day must haves is:

Rain boots: Yes they may make you look like a gardener but let’s face it, they’re the only shoes that won’t get ruined when puddle hoping.

Boot liners: To keep your feet warm inside those rain boots.

Umbrellas: Since this season is all about pastel colors, your umbrella should be no exception. Take cover under a baby pink umbrella that instantly adds sweetness to any look.

Trench coat: We all go through the constant spring dilemma where it’s not cold enough to wear a coat, yet not warm enough to leave the house without something on. This is where trench coats come in handy, since they’re the perfect solution for when it’s too warm for a coat and too cold for a light jacket. You can opt for a more classic model or take advantage of the fact that this season’s collections are full of color and buy a bright colored one or one with a funky print.

Hairy situation: Let’s face it, rainy days and good hair is impossible to achieve. If you see its drizzling outside it probably means frizz for your locks. The best solution or prevention method to avoid Diana Ross hair is to wear it up. Now a lot of people are completely opposed to wearing their hair up because it makes them feel less feminine, but celebrities such as Blake Lively, who constantly wears her hair in high ponytails and experiments with braids, has made wearing your hair up an effortless way to look glamorous. And as Pablo Picasso said: “it is when a girl wears her hair up that you can tell if she is truly beautiful.”

Blake Lively Ponytail