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10 holiday gift ideas for the rich and unimaginative- via The StyleCon

Ethan Couch killed four people and has successfully evaded jail for being rich. God bless America’s legal justice system.- via Bullett Media

Hilarious video about what goes through a guy’s mind when he’s going down on you- via Cosmopolitan.

Reasons why you should ditch diet soda – via Women’s Health.

Ever wonder how many countries have to contribute to a single jar of Nutella? This map will show you- via Business Insider.

Cell phones are the new cocaine- via Huffington Post.

Why George Clooney will never deny gay rumors- via Huffington Post.

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Be mine: why it’s smart to court your friends- via New York Magazine.

10 best cities for a winter vacation – via CNN Travel.

Louis Vuitton is causing controversy in Russia- via Huff Post Style.

Reasserting the role of the fashion press – via Business of Fashion.

The problem with rich kids- via Psychology Today.

Poor little rich kids – via Elite Daily.

Katie Couric will be joining Yahoo in 2014- via Business Insider.

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James Franco explains why he chooses so many gay roles- via Huffington Post.

Baby Boomer discusses why he would like to be a Millenial when he retires- via New York Times

5 steps to turn jealousy into positivity- via XoJane.

Dress for the part you want in life and eventually you’ll get it – via Elite Daily.

You’re Jewish? But you’re so pretty! and other things you should never say to a Jewish girl – via Cosmopolitan.

Are you dating a Thursday guy?- via Elle.

The only situation where crocs are acceptable, on Boo!! – via Fashionista.



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Sunday Blues.

Can’t believe it’s officially been a year since Ghesquiere left Balenciaga, my how fast the fashion industry moves- via Fashionista.

Sunday blues explained- via Cosmopolitan.

How our phones are ruining our lives- via Elle.

Has photoshop made models irrelevant? – via StyleCaster.

A list of questions every baby-boomer would like to ask us millenials – via Huffington Post.

15 things successful people do every day – via Forbes.

10 decisions that will make you happier and healthier- via Huff Post Style.