Plank Time!

Yoga is a workout that has become a little bit of an obsession for me recently. After years of making fun of people who practiced Yoga I have to accept defeat and admit that they were really on to something. Here in New York there are loads of studios that offer all sorts of styles, practices and vibes and I’ve had a blast trying them all and discovering them while growing my practice.

I have been traveling to Miami a lot in the recent months so I needed to find a studio to visit whenever I am there, since I don’t wan to stop practicing yoga just because I am traveling. This is how I discovered and fell in love with Plank Yoga studio which is conveniently located 6 minutes away from where I live.
plank yoga 3
The studio’s vibe is very clean, the decoration is minimalistic the floors are light wood which contribute to this cleanliness vibe and the color scheme is white and purple. There isn’t a whole lot going on in the studio, just the check in desk a small waiting area with an even smaller retail area. Yes the studio is tiny, but the number of people they accept is limited so you will never feel like you can’t stretch because you will hit a fellow Yogi.
I took a Power Vinyasa class with Taly Ostfeld who is the studio’s owner and man was that class challenging. It consisted of a traditional Vinyasa Flow sequence but on steroids. The transitions were incredibly  fast and the workout was mostly core-centric. My boyfriend who is a little less experienced in Yoga than I am, told me his abs were hurting for two days. This is not a class that I would recommend to someone who is a beginner but definitely one I would suggest to someone who wants to practice Yoga with a cardio component to it.
plank yoga 2 plank yoga
Overall I was very satisfied with my experience at Plank and will be visiting it again in the future. There are two downsides to this studio which are the fact that they offer very few classes during the week and also the classes are super expensive. At $25 per class they are more expensive than even the most expensive studios in New York and buying big class packages does not lower the cost per class. Towels and mats are included which I guess compensates a little for the price of the class.

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