Have Brand Parodies Become The New Status Symbol?

Ballinciaga, Comme Des Fuck Down, Homies, Feline meow. These phrases and logos have become as well known as the ones that they intend to make fun of. We have been seeing parody clothing for the past two years, shirts hats and other garments that were intended to make fun of how brand obsessed our generation is. But what happens when these anti-status items become mainstream?



Unless you have been living under a rock or are completely oblivious to the fashion industry you may have the increasing popularity of the parody tee. However these items were not created with the intention of becoming a fashion statement, but as a way of protesting against logo-mania and high-end brand’s ridiculous prices. There are some brands such as Conflict Of Interest who created their line of clothing as a way of protesting against counterfeited merchandise. However, its ironic that their way of doing so is by creating a clothing line that imitates designer logos, isn’t it?



Case and point, high-end Parisian fashion boutique Colette sells Aint Laurent without Yves merchandise right beside actual Slimane-designed Saint Laurent. When carriers like Colette start selling satirical street wear at high-end prices it not only contributes to pop culture’s infatuation with high-end fashion, but it also removes their counter culture element. If these spoof sweaters and shirts are being sold in boutiques at prices similar to the brands they are mocking, does this mean that they are the new luxury brands? And if so, does this not defeat the purpose of creating an anti-status symbol campaign?


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