New Blog Obsession.

 pinkI’ve been pretty much over following fashion blogs for about a year now. I mean, don’t get me wrong I still love fashion. But watching a girl that is famous for no reason other than getting dressed up and taking pictures of herself every day can get really boring really fast. And now that I know that their very expensive wardrobes are sponsored by brands, their pictures taken by professional photographers and their looks styled by professional stylists I ask myself: how is this personal style?

However, a friend of mine recently introduced me to a new blog: Twin Fashion Blog. While I’m still pretty skeptic about the whole personal style deal, I really love how twins Nef and Nat combine high brow products with high street garments from Zara and H&M. What I liked even more is that even though the have become super famous, they still remain very loyal to their home country Greece. So while I’m in personal-blog hating mode, I think I can make an exception for Nef and Nat.

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