Exploding Tampon Covers Newsweek Pakistan

Original article via Refinery29.


Listen up, ladies. If we’re to believe the cover of this week’s Newsweek Pakistan, your vagina could be carrying a bomb right now. The cover story pertains to a purported uptick in female suicide bombers, which is not without validity. But the art department at Newsweek Pakistan decided that the best way to represent this was with an exploding tampon and a cover line that reads “LADY PARTS.” Not only do men need to worry about women’s wandering wombs, but now menses are a hazard, too? Then again, Pliny the Elder wrote that a menstruating woman can scare away hailstorms, whirlwinds, and lightning, which is pretty useful for a weekend getaway.

So, just to reiterate: Women’s sex organs are extremely dangerous. Are your lady parts currently rigged to an improvised explosive device? Go ahead and check.

If you’re still reading, we’ll assume your vagina has not exploded. Yet. (MediaBistro)


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