When Art and Fashion Intersect

I have always believed that Art and Fashion go hand in hand. However my beliefs were proven to be true this past week, when I discovered what has become my favorite boutique in Manhattan: Dagny and Barstow (264 Bowery). Located in the trendy neighborhood Nolita, Dagny and Barstow is a hybrid between clothing boutique and art gallery. What is even more awesome about this store is that they promote up-and-coming artists from around the globe, combined with a number of clothing lines that can’t be found in you conventional high-end stores.


Jessica Hodin, from the Windsor Art group, curates the store’s Art collection. Dagny and Barstow also features collaborations with Artstar.com. Among the sartorial choices you can find in this store is everything from accessories by Theirry Lasry to Outerwear by Swash London and even beauty products by Etat Libre D’Orange. It also has a carefully curated vintage selection of scarves, handbags and other accessories. After visiting this store, seeing all it’s beautiful art and clothing and declaring it my favorite in Manhattan, I couldn’t help but wonder: why didn’t I come up with this idea?



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