Juicing 101

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have probably heard of the new fad of “Juicing” or replacing your meals with vomitive juices that supposedly cleanse your system. Apparently celebrities do it before they have big award shows and need to drop some pounds quickly. However the actual intention of these cleanses isn’t to lose weight but to liberate you body of all the bad things you have put into it.

So I wanted to see what the hype was all about and did my very first 3-day juice cleanse. I tried Blueprint Cleanse which is supposed to be the “best-tasting” juice cleanse out there. Let me tell you, if this is the best-tasting cleanse out there I don’t even want to imagine what the most disgusting one tastes like. One thing I do have to say is: after three days of only ingesting these juices (yep you read right- absolutely no solid food) I gained a whole new appreciation for solid food- did not lose an ounce thought.

A severe case of Razbliuto

In everyone’s past, there’s a love they can’t get over, and a summer where it all began

I find it a big coincidence that I woke up to a picture of Mac’s collaboration with Archie Comics on the birthday of the person who triggered my love for Archie Comics.


Perhaps someday I will fill that void. But for the time-being I’m just gonna buy myself some Archie lipstick.

Razbliuto: (Russian) The void you feel for someone you once loved, but no longer love.