Heat Map of the Arab Spring

It has been almost two years since the revolution called the Arab Spring began in the rural town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. The revolution spread like domino across the region in what seemed to be and attempt on behalf of these countries to rid themselves of their authoritarian regimes, which most of the participating countries managed to do. Yet time has passed and the region is still experiencing turmoil due to the 20-month-old Syrian Civil War, and the return of protesters to Egypt’s Tahrir Square because of their discontent with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi’s politics. Given past, recent and present events in the region, reporters and foreign politics alike wonder to what level these uprisings were successful. They fear for a second round of violence in the region, since the conflicts in Syria have spread to Turkey and violence has returned to Egypt. They hope these events don’t, once again trigger a wave of violence in the neighboring countries as it happened in 2010.

In order to explain the geographical reasons why it would be possible that a “Second Arab Spring” would arise, I have created an interactive “heat map” of all the main focal points of the conflict.

Heat Map

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