Hungry? There’s an App for that!

It seems like the popularity of food trucks and the love of street food is growing at a lightning bolt pace here in Boston. Every week we hear of a new food truck that has just opened its doors (or started its engines?) and is traveling around the city. What used to be reserved only for hot dogs and fast street food has now become a fad  that compiles a wide variety of foods ranging from  breakfast foods to health foods to a good old fashioned lobster roll (Lobsta Love anyone?) and even food trucks devoted exclusively to dessert.

 However time is scarce and no one wants to eat at a food truck that is out of the way, or waste time looking them up on Google. And since they are constantly moving around, you can only follow so many food trucks on twitter to know where they are located at that day. So in a city as fast paced as this one, how does one keep up with the locations of the aforementioned trucks? Well in a place where smart phones seem to be more of a necessity than a luxury, you can now download an app that allows you to follow your favorite and not so favorite food trucks around the city.

This app is called “Boston Street Food” and what it does is that it pinpoints your location and displays all the food trucks that are around your area. They are displayed either on your phone’s Google map or in a list format ordered either alphabetically or in order of which one is closer to you at the moment. But that’s not all, if you are especially fond of a certain truck you can click on it on your map and it will tell you where it will be parking within the next five days and, its hours of operation as well. If you are absolutely and madly in love with that truck you can also rate it for other people to see how much you love it. If you are a fan of trying new things this app also gives a detailed description of what each food truck serves and how other users have rated their food. So now you won’t only have a variety of gourmet food driven to a street close to you, but you will be able to “follow” them around from the comfort of your phone.

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