Over 100 hurt in clash between Islamists and Secularists in Cairo

Cairo- Violence returns to Cairo’s Tahrir Square in a clash provoked by anger towards the Muslim Brotherhood’s current regime. Thousands of supporters and opponents of Egypt’s new Islamist president Mohamed Morsi clashed in Cairo last Friday. This is the first time Egyptians return to Tahrir Square since the uprising of 2010 where Hosni Mubarak was overthrown from power. The opposing sides hurled stones and chunks of concrete and beat each other with sticks for several hours, leaving more than 100 injured. The protests had begun peacefully in the morning yet by the afternoon, the two sides were throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails to one another.

The opposing protesters are calling for a greater secular leaning representation in Egypt’s current government. Opposers of Morsi’s regime are also demanding retribution for all the martyrs of the 2011 revolution, since most of the soldiers charged with killing protesters in the clashes that overthrew Mubarak, have yet to be convicted. They are also asking for a constitution that represents every group in Egypt’s demography. These young protesters are asking for better working conditions and better pay for their labor, issues that have not been resolved since Mubarak’s regime toppled. There is great fear that if the government does not provide for their people this could lead to another revolution.

Tension in Egypt is high because of Morsi’s attempt to remove one of Egypt’s top prosecutors. The opposition fears that this new regime will turn Egypt into a brotherhood state and that its policies will be much like the old regime’s. This is the first time Mohamed Mursi has experienced riots expressing discontent towards his regime and it is not certain is they are discontent with the Muslim Brotherhood or his regime in general. What is certain is that little progress has been made since he stepped into office, and his policies are far too Islamist

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