Once again, Asma Al-Assad and Vogue

After a 40 year relationship with Vogue, Joan Juliet Buck–former Vogue Paris editor and the author of that much-maligned profile of Asma al-Assad–has quietly parted ways with the magazine.

It’s not a new development. Apparently Buck hasn’t appeared on Vogue‘s masthead since February of this year, which is right about the time she started to become more vocal and outspoken about the Syrian regime–and about the qualifications one needs to land aVogue profile ( like being “extremely thin and very well-dressed.”)

WWD, in a rather uncharacteristically snarky article, reached out to Vogue for comment about the reasons behind the split and was told by a spokesperson that Buck’s contract was up, “simple as that.” Buck is keeping busy by freelancing for the New York Times‘ Tmagazine and W, and told the trade, “The last time I saw Anna was at a screening maybe a year ago.” Anna finally released a statementlast week condemning the al-Assad regime, which is when Buck was thrown into the spotlight again.

WWD points out that it’s unclear whether Buck pitched the piece to the glossy or was assigned it. Either way, we’re pretty sure they’ll both be happy when people stop talking about this story.

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