The Power of Photoshop

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for the fashion industry. It allows fashion photographers and magazines to enhance the colors of their images, make their products look more appealing and their in studio photos look as if they were actually taken in an exotic location. Photoshop has also allowed millions of photo editors give their models longer legs, leaner torsos, smoother complexions among other impossible to reach beauty standards. This has given girls around the world a completely false concept of what it means to be attractive, since these beauty standards are not only unreal but also unattainable even for the models who appear in these photos. Photo manipulation is responsible for shattered self-esteems across the world.

To further evidence my point…

The Ideally beautiful girl has no wrinkles, lines or pores. She has big eyes an elongated neck and flawless hair. Yes she’s gorgeous, but no one looks like her. Not even her.

Now that’s something to chew on,


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