Missing In Action

In case you have missed me and have been wondering why on earth have I stopped writing, well I can explain. Due to the fact that I finished school on May 1st I took advantage of my free time and decided to travel around. I went to Chicago, Puerto Rico and Connecticut. However I am now back and very happy to recommence. Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to all month long.

Chicago- Millennium Park.

Puerto Rico- The island paradise that always makes me wonder why I chose to go to school in the northeast.

See what I mean? Its glorious.

Paradise, this kills my eyes.

What is that big man doing in that little carrito? Memorial day parade at Trumbull, CT.

How deep is YOUR love?

I always joke around with my friends and family by telling them that love comes in a little blue bag called Tiffany’s, but if a person really really really loves you then their love will come in a red bag called Cartier.

How deep is your love?

To prove my point is what some consider the modern day chastity belt: the Cartier love bracelet. It is viewed as quite machista, but the thought of having a bracelet that can only be removed by the person who gave it to you seems quite spectacular to me.

How deep is your love? Show it with a red bag.


Foreign Concept Girl.