Window Stopping.

Original article written by me for Manhattan Magazine.

New York’s beloved tradition of over-the-top Christmas displays is back for the season. Forget Santa’s workshop; this year’s holiday windows are anything but typical.



Barneys New York This year’s holiday windows at Barneys are a collaboration between French visual artist Joanie Lemercier and Jay Z, who put together digital displays to create interactive windows. The windows consist of light projections, 3-D displays and lots of mirrors. Its theme is “A New York Holiday,” and all items on display were selected by Hova himself. Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave.,

Bergdorf Goodman The windows at Bergdorf Goodman this year are titled “Holidays on Ice,” and each depicts a different holiday in a snowy, frosty landscape. On display, you will be able to find wintry, high-fashion versions of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even April Fools’. Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave.,

Bloomingdale’s The windows at Bloomingdale’s celebrate holiday shopping around the world. Each window includes an oversized present from countries such as China, France, Great Britain and Italy—plus New York City, of course. Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave.,

Saks Fifth Avenue In honor of seasons past, Saks’ holiday windows will include the traditional Snowflake Spectacular light show. The windows themselves will tell the story of the legendary Saks Yeti, a mythical creature rumored to live in the store’s roof and make snow during the winter. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave.,

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany’s window display consists of a row of elegant townhouses and classic Upper East Side apartments covered in snow and Tiffany’s signature blue boxes. The display also includes traditional Christmas scenes such as Santa’s sleigh and children gathered around the Christmas tree. Tiffany & Co., 200 Fifth Ave,

Holiday Markets.

Original article written by me for Manhattan Magazine.

Holiday shopping won’t be a chore at these festive holiday markets around the city.

holiday markets


Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market Organizers Amy Abrams and husband Ronen Glimer brought this Brooklyn transplant to Chelsea Market. Over the years this market has gained popularity because of its unique gifts that are all locally produced. Expect to find anything from handmade bags to vinyl records at this pop-up bazaar. Details From Nov. 11-Jan. 14, 75 Ninth avenue,

Holiday Market at Columbus Circle This annual holiday market features 120 vendors who sell handmade items and Christmas snacks. The market also features a market concierge who helps you navigate through all the stands. Details Dec. 3-24, 59th Street and Eighth Avenue,

The Grand Central Holiday Fair Grand Central’s main concourse features an annual holiday fair boasting 76 microboutiques that will allow you to shop without shivering since this is the only holiday market that is held indoors. Details Nov. 15-Dec. 20, Vanderbilt Hall, 87 E. 42 St.,

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park More than 125 artisans will surround the pond at Bryant Park selling all sorts of accessories and gifts for everyone on your list. This market is also a great option for the weekends since it has a variety of stands that sell food and hot drinks and it’s very close to the Bryant Park skating rink.Details Nov. 11-Jan. 5, 42nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues,

Union Square Holiday Market This European-style holiday market is one of the most popular Christmas markets in the city. It features more than 150 vendors who offer shoppers a variety of items including handcrafted jewelry, fine art, clothes and leather goods. Details Nov. 16-Dec. 24, 14th Street and Broadway,

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Have Brand Parodies Become The New Status Symbol?

Ballinciaga, Comme Des Fuck Down, Homies, Feline meow. These phrases and logos have become as well known as the ones that they intend to make fun of. We have been seeing parody clothing for the past two years, shirts hats and other garments that were intended to make fun of how brand obsessed our generation is. But what happens when these anti-status items become mainstream?



Unless you have been living under a rock or are completely oblivious to the fashion industry you may have the increasing popularity of the parody tee. However these items were not created with the intention of becoming a fashion statement, but as a way of protesting against logo-mania and high-end brand’s ridiculous prices. There are some brands such as Conflict Of Interest who created their line of clothing as a way of protesting against counterfeited merchandise. However, its ironic that their way of doing so is by creating a clothing line that imitates designer logos, isn’t it?



Case and point, high-end Parisian fashion boutique Colette sells Aint Laurent without Yves merchandise right beside actual Slimane-designed Saint Laurent. When carriers like Colette start selling satirical street wear at high-end prices it not only contributes to pop culture’s infatuation with high-end fashion, but it also removes their counter culture element. If these spoof sweaters and shirts are being sold in boutiques at prices similar to the brands they are mocking, does this mean that they are the new luxury brands? And if so, does this not defeat the purpose of creating an anti-status symbol campaign?