Let’s Talk About New York Part II.

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About a month ago I wrote a little blog post about my perception of New York City. Many readers may agree or disagree with what I had to say but I am sure everyone found at least one bit of truth to the argument I proposed. Now I know that living in New York is not a universal experience that everyone can relate to, but in order to better explain myself I decided to write a second blog post where I explain my view of New York by comparing it to a man. Here it goes:

New York City is that shitty boyfriend you’re so crazy about that you never manage to leave him. And if you ever do leave him you always keep him in the back of your mind wondering why things never worked out. You endure it’s shitty winter, pay it’s overpriced rent and make yourself feel better by telling yourself that all of these sacrifices will be worth it when you finally get to live the life you always envisioned yourself living with him. Except most of the time your shitty boyfriend just stays shitty forever and even though you secretly know that you are wasting spending your youth working towards nothing you still convince yourself to stay a little bit longer to see if things change.

The curious thing is that leaving him never seems to cross your mind. You are simply never willing to give up on this city/man’s potential of giving you everything you ever dreamed of. You know no one else will provide you with the thrills, exhilaration and amount of extreme emotions as he will. The thought of giving him up to pursue a conventional life sounds as logical as giving up you Louboutin stilettos for Nike Trainers (event though Louboutins hurt the hell out of your feet.) Its like leaving James Dean for an accountant who wears khakis. Its the eternal promise that one day this man will treat you right and give you everything he promised you that makes you stay.

So once again I repeat: New York is like a really shitty boyfriend. Its difficult and most times the negatives outweigh the positives, but you are so completely blinded by love you decide to overlook all of them. And that kind of passion is really hard to replicate.

Songs That Make You Travel (Yes Again)

I always write about songs that make you travel, but I think in the past I haven’t elaborated on this concept enough for my reader’s understanding. You see I always say that the best songs are the ones that take you back to the time when you first heard them, but this is a flawed theory. It has nothing to do with the lyrics or the artist singing the song. In fact even the beats are irrelevant. It’s about how your brain associates a certain song to a moment you want to hold on to forever in your memories, and listening to it brings you back to it. It blurs the lines between present and past and gives you a little feeling in your stomach as if you were living the moment for a second or third time. It brings you back to the co-pilot seat of an Audi Q5, next to the most life changing person you have met in years.

The Defining Decade.

They say your 20’s are the defining decade of your life. During this 10 year period you are supposed to design a blueprint for you life and map out how you will get from this blueprint to tangible results. No pressure or anything, but every decision you make during this decade will define how the rest of your life will play out…or so they say.


The reality of the matter is that if your 20’s were really the decade where you’re supposed to get your shit together then TV shows like Friends, Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother wouldn’t exist or be so successful.

Let’s Talk About New York


Let’s talk about New York City, the city that never sleeps, the one that promises you that if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Millions of people come to New York with a sparkle in their eyes and with the hope that this city will make all of their dreams come true. And for some this actually ends up being the case, however this post is not about them. This post is about the few things that I have learned since moving here almost two years ago.

New York is a city that is constantly pushing you out. It doesn’t really have room for you, it already has enough people. It doesn’t welcome you when you arrive, doesn’t need you when you are here and it certainly doesn’t miss you when you leave. And inevitably most people do. Be it for financial reasons or simply a need for a more peaceful lifestyle, most of these dreamers end up packing up their fantasies and leaving the city that promised to fulfill them.

However after all the observations I have made in the past 20 months, New York is still the one pool I would happily drown in. I guess you could say I’m a fan of complicated relationships.